DON’T MISS: The exhibition by Pablo Picasso


pablo-picasso-dubrovnik-godubrovnikStart date : 01.04.2016

When: 19.00 pm

Where: St. Klara Convent

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was a central figure in Modernism, and like many of his contemporaries he spread his artistry across a variety of areas. However, many people are unaware that Picasso was also a ceramics designer for more than two decades.

” The Lake Collection of Picasso Ceramics “ , which is managed by a collector and the owner of Slovenian gallery Deva Puri, Mr. David Razjanjcev is  consisted of over a hundred original ceramic works by Picasso. The Madouri edition includes the few silver trays .

picasso dubrovnik godubrovnik

Picasso’s skill in capturing his motifs with quick lines and drastic simplifications is given free rein in the painted and engraved decoration of the ceramic pieces. On the plates and pitchers we encounter faces, fauns, animals, bullfighting scenes and still life, motifs that are familiar from the artist’s paintings. Many of the pieces, however, also show clear influences from Mediterranean folk ceramics and their abundant wealth of decoration.

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