The most magnificent pool in Dubrovnik made of historic stone

The magnificent structure was built in 15th century, probably as a monastery for Catholic clergy. During its history, it was used by a local...
cover Gypsy table Dubrovnik food

The first Gypsy Table Dinner arrives to Croatia

We are pleased to announce the formation of Croatia’s first roaming pop-up dinner series. It is called the Gypsy Table and it will bring...
Cone recipe Ice Cream Godubrovnik

Zero-Calorie-Cream with or without using an ice cream machine

Do you want to try a special ice cream? You can make it by yourself! Zero-Calorie-Cream with or without using an ice cream machine 1 can...
National Park Krka Croatia Cover

Epic beauty of the most visited Croatian National parks

Visitors have once again flocked to Croatia’s stunning National Parks this year. Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is Croatia’s biggest National Park and has been...
Oil Cover Olive Dubrovnik

Power of nature: Five health benefits of consuming olive oil

One of Croatia’s most popular culinary ingredients is definately olive oil. It is a proof that healthy things don’t have to taste bad, as...
time Sarajevo Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik story city cover

The whole city is one big stage: Story about Dubrovnik and Sarajevo

Some cities steal your heart. In a moment. Others are hard to love at first sight, but get under your skin over time. Some...
cover Dubrovnik Room Escape history

Respublica Obscura Room Escape: The best way to meet history of Dubrovnik

“The first contact I had with Room Escape was through the PC point-and-click adventure games that were popular more than ten years ago and...
hairstyle Dry shampoo blogger Anamarija Pistotnik

Summer favourites for bleached hair by: Anamarija

Bleached, lightened, lifted these are all different names for hair that is due to chemical treatments a little bit more sensitive than natural of...
night Anamarija Pistotnik Dubrovnik night cosmetics blogger

Summer glam for night out by: Anamarija Pistotnik

Hello! This week we will create a golden smokey eye with a slight halo effect. It is designed to use a small amount of...
article make up Anamarija Pistotnik glow

Anamarija for GoDubrovnik: Summer glow on the go

H! Are you enjoying your holidays and enjoying all that the summer has to offer? The sea, the sun and most of all...the overall...
Mini Me Jewelry Dubrovnik Croatia

“Mini me Jewelry” special lucky charm from Croatia

Jewelry consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Jewelry may be attached to the body or the clothes, and the...
Jet Ski Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik guide adriatic adventure sunset cover

Jet Ski Safari: Chance to experience beautiful view of Old Town at sunset

You already know that GoDubrovnik and Mr. Vuković together set up the first Live Walking Tours in which they offer to show everyone beauties...
Josipa Dragun Biology Instagram travel Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik details cover Zagreb

Biology, Instagram and Style

After all the links between Zagreb and Dubrovnik that have happened for me, articles about restaurants, Croatian designers and 'must-see' places while in Dubrovnik,...
romantic Australia Croatia Adriatic sea Dubrovnik GoDuborvnik cover

Officially the most romantic boy of the summer

Jeremy Carne must take the cake for having the most fun job of all time. He basically makes a living out of having a...
island Mljet Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik summer Adriatic coast

The island of Mljet is truly paradise on earth

One of the most beautiful islands in this area is top place for those who really love to enjoy full of nature. Eight largest island...
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