The barber in Dubrovnik

The barber in Dubrovnik - godubrovnik

As soon as you would step into the shop, you would have been fully absorbed in a homey, almost family atmosphere of these small spaces. Well-known fragrances of home-made soaps, after-shave, various hair and face tonics, oils and neck powders were rooted in every crevice of the wooden furniture. Comfortably settled, at the first splash of warm water on your face, relaxation was guaranteed.
Barbershops were a source of information; people discussed politics, traded city’s largest gossips, engaged in heated debates about sports. It was a tradition, something that fathers and sons did together, a place to socialise, to connect, with a no-woman-allowed unwritten rule. This was no place for depilation, epilation, highlights or facials; only good haircut and good conversation.
But wait! This is not a romantic story of times gone by. Yes, there were times when Dubrovnik barbers and shoemakers could form their own football teams while today you can hardly get the four of them together to play a game of cards, but same atmosphere still awaits you at Od Puča 41 Street in the Old Town where Mr. Čikato and his team of regulars are happy to inform you of everything that’s going on in the City. We’re sure they would say ladies are welcome too!


Photo & Story by : Lena Šutić