In the music world, everything is possible. The music has the power to change people and make them feel good. In that world, you can find an interesting duo that can turn classical music into something new and different. You’re guessing we are talking about 2Cellos. 

You probably knew that Luka Sulic is from Dubrovnik? He was born and raised in Dubrovnik and his family still lives by the Sulic beach. That’s really an interesting place where locals love to spend their summer days, but this time, the spectacular duo won’t show you this beautiful beach, they are going to take you to a romantic journey around the Old Town.

2Cellos Music Video

The most electric and dynamic instrumental duo has released a video for their second single, “Moon River”.  This is a new track from their newest album ‘Score’, made with the London Symphony Orchestra, and it will be published on March 17th.