Pictured in every postcard from Dubrovnik, walls of Dubrovnik probably the most important feature of this city. This well preserved fortification is considered to be one of the most grandiose monuments of that kind in Europe. Although it might be a challenge to walk the city walls with high temperatures during the summer, you will surely not regret it and we guarantee that you will get best pictures of your visit to Dubrovnik exactly from Dubrovnik city walls!

A little bit of history: 

Although the first fortifications were built already in the 8th century, majority of the construction work was done in the 15th and 16th century in order to defend the city (then knows as the Republic of Ragusa). It’s actually a complex of forts, bastions, casemates and towers. Most of them are open for a visit and nowadays some of them such as fort Lovrijenac serve as a stage for Dubrovnik Summer Festival.There are five Dubrovnik fortress encircling the old town: Minceta Tower, St John and Bokar that are built within the city walls complex while Lovrijenac and Revelin are the freestanding ones. Fort Minčeta is located at the highest point of the city and it protected Dubrovnik from the north. It’s the symbol of Dubrovnik’s defense and you may now see the flag of the homeland waving on it.

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Take a walk!
If you would like to visit this incredible open-air museum, we advise you to do so in early morning hours or late afternoon as it might be too hot during the day plus you will not have to wait long lines.
There are three entrances to the walls: on Stradun by the Pile gate, by Fort St John and by Fort St Luke. The walk usually takes about two hours, but you can climb down on half way. While exploring the city from an entirely new angle, you can choose either to walk on your own or take a guided tour in order to hear all the stories and facts from history. Note that some of the sites of Dubrovnik had been used as a setting for HBO’s series “Game of Thrones”. To learn more about it, you can get a “Game of Thrones” guided tour.

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