Studies have shown that the project “European Capital of Culture” is a great opportunity for urban renewal, increasing the international profile of the city, as well as improving the city’s image in the eyes of its inhabitants, enhancing the vitality of cultural life of the city and of tourism as well in addition to opening the perspective of development based on culture, creativity and the development of creative industries.street art go dubrovnik
The cultural and artistic content of the nomination must include a clear and coherent artistic vision of one-year cultural program; involvement of local artists and cultural organizations in the conception and implementation of the cultural programme as well as the scope, diversity and artistic quality; the ability to combine the local cultural heritage and traditional art forms with new, innovative and experimental expressions of culture.

This week from Friday to Monday (3pm-5pm) acclaimed young artists Miron Milić , Stipan Tadic and Goran Rakic ​​Chez that work within Cultural Center Medika (one of the key places of Zagreb’s alternative culture) will create and educate about streetart on daily basis as part of the “Take Over” in Dubrovnik.

Stipan Tadić will outline his vision of the architecture of the city and its inhabitants. Miron Milic and Goran Rakic ​​Chez will create an art installation of non-conventional materials by working with the community to expose the young people of Dubrovnik street art scene .street art go dubrovnik

Within the process of preparation of Dubrovnik ‘s candidacy for
European Capital of Culture painter , printmaker , illustrator and street artist Miron Milić already made a new ​​mural “New Horizon” in the port of Dubrovnik .

Goran Rakić Chez is a Croatian graffiti artist who is active since the nineties, and he painted a number of cities across Europe .


Who: Miron Milić , Stipan Tadic and Goran Rakic ​​Chez

Where: Lazareti

When: This week, Friday to Monday (3pm-5pm)

Photo & Info :Dubrovnik 2020