THE WOW VIDEO: ”Art is Trash” in Kupari,Dubrovnik!

Check into Hotel Kupari and find out what you can do with 42 000 sq meters, 500 liters of paint and unlimited possibilities.

Spanish artist Francisco de Pajaro who animates discarded objects gives the trash ”a new life”. Recently he visited Kupari. In collaboration with Converse he recorded an interesting video clip in the ruined hotel.

He’s known by the street name El Arte es Basura in Spain and Art is Trash in the UK. This artist creates the new characters with a little color, a piece of cardboard, tape, garbage bags , discarded furniture and mattresses. These characteres had the opportunity to ”meet” London , Barcelona , Berlin, Madrid , Ibiza , Mallorca , and now Dubrovnik!

See an interesting video clip shot in Kupari .