Well, when you think of Dubrovnik in July, we are sure you can only think of warm weather and swimming. But there is so much more! Every year, Dubrovnik Summer Festival gives us at least one good ballet play! This season, Dubrovnik will have it’s own white fairy tale. After 10 years on the stage of Croatian national theater in Zagreb, choreographer Vladimir Malakhov has set up a new version of the “Swan lake’”. He also danced in 24 versions of this white ballet on many world’s stages. He decided to do some musical changes, and after that, there was a need for some different choreography solutions wich led to many new segments.

ballet swan lake dubrovnik
We talked to Atina Tanović, a Dubrovnik ballerina who is dancing in this division. She told us a little bit about her return to Dubrovnik and what does it feel like to dance in her hometown.
“I’m super exited to dance at Dubrovnik summer festival. This is going to be the first time in my professional carrier to dance in Dubrovnik, my hometown. The feeling is unspeakable. Also, I’m happy to share all of that with my friends and colleagues.’’ – she said.

ballet swan lake dubrovnik
When it comes to Dubrovnik audience, ballerina has no doubt that this ballet show will be a delight.
“Swan Lake will attract domestic audience, as well as foreign. I think that people of Dubrovnik need some white ballet because they don’t often have a chance to see it.’’
Speaking of Dubrovnik Summer Festival and its program, specifically the dance part, Atina has seen ballet plays from Maribor and she enjoyed them.
“It’s very special when you watch something like that, surrounded by the beauty of our city.’’ – she said proudly.
At the 68 Dubrovnik Summer Festival Swan Lake will be played at the park Gradac.

ballet swan lake dubrovnik

If you just can’t wait for this ballet play in Dubrovnik, check out the classic Kirov production of Swan Lake where the naturally gifted Yulia Makhalina dances the challenging role of Odette!

Story by: Petra Japunčić

Photo: www.hnk.hr