Days of Russian culture

dani ruske kulture u dubrovniku godubrovnik dubrovnik
Thanks to the Marin Držić Theater , who is organizing and hosting this event, we’ll be able to see five shows from the MHAT school repertoire  ( School – study of the Moscow Artistic Academic Theater ).The theater workshops will be held during the festival  and the world-renowned director and teacher Victor Rižakov and his renowned colleagues; mentors ,and the MHAT school leaders.  Along with their teachers , the students from Zagreb, Split and Osijek will attend the theater academy in Dubrovnik.

As a part of Dubrovnik Art Forum, five artists who each in their own way were or still are associated with the MAT  will preform in gallery spaces, but also at external sites. All those that love operas and arias will also find something for themselves.

When: From 4.4 – 9.4

Where: Marin Držić Theater

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