Right now the entrance into Lazareti has transformed into a contemporary art installation, bringing a different type of Christmas lights to the city. “Spreading the light” is an art piece created in collaboration of two artists, Akiko Sato from Japan and Italian Manolo Benvenuti, who have created beautiful unique pieces anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Spreading the light Art Dubrovnik

Akiko Sato has made a tent she’s named “teepee” and which is a symbol of the Native Americans and is one of the first symbols of society. She is sending a message of protecting the environment and building a community.

Art Dubrovnik Croatia Spreading the light

Meanwhile, Manolo Benvenuti decided to make an impressive installation of huge seagulls created of metal and plastic which will remind us to treasure our sea and it’s huge value, as so many birds and fishes are dying because they’re eating more than eight million tonnes of the plastic waste from the sea.

Dubrovnik Spreading the light Art

Both works are made from recycled materials and should educate people about our planet and people who are fighting for its preservation. We should love and cherish the planet that brings us life.

Spreading the light Dubrovnik

Artist Art Dubrovnik Spreading the light

Spreading the light Art Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik Art Spreading the light

Details Art Dubrovnik Spreading the light

Spreading the light Lazareti Dubrovnik Art

Art Dubrovnik Lazareti Spreading the light