After Dubrovnik Summer Festival it’s time for another interesting festival. International Late Summer Music Festival Dubrovnik is a festival launched by Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra in 2013 which found great acceptance among audience. It takes time in the late August and lasts until late September and its aim is to keep the presence of music and cultural vibrancy in UNESCO’s Dubrovnik after the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

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This year the program includes 16 concerts of classical music, which are held in the beautiful and acoustically-unique ambience of the Rector’s Palace. Croatian artists in a collaboration with internationally renowned guest artists are performing famous pieces, but also pieces by the Croatian composers. The music director of the festival is Christoph Campestrini, renowned Austrian conductor.

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In the first two years of the festival, many local and internationally recognized artists performed. Some of those are: Viktor Tretyakov, Natalia Likhopoi, James Dick, Janja Vuletić, Dubravka Tomšič, Giovanni Angeleri, Martina Filjak, Daniel Forschauer, Dubravka Mušović Šeparović, Patrick Gallois, Diego Tosi, Marija Grazio, Naira Asatrian, Maroje Brčić, Marija Pavlović, Marin Maras, Đana Kahriman, Srđan Bulat, Katja Markotić, Nikolina Pinko, Martina Gojčeta Silić, Marko Fortunato, Marko Špehar, Matija Dedić, Darko Jurković, and the great conductors such as Christoph Campestrini, Thomas Rosner, Nicholas Milton, Stefan Sanderling and Renchang Fu. There were also cooperations with The Zagreb Philharmonic Chamber Studio, Academic choir Pro musica, Laus Academy and Plazarius Ensemble.

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In 2016, new series of great concerts are coming. The beginning of the festival will be organized in cooperation with Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra is preparing new concerts where the audience will have an opportunity listen to a great soloists such as Martina Filjak, Yuri Favorin, Daniel Froschauer, Dubravka Šeparović Mušović, Dmitry Sinkovsky, Maroje Brčić, Elisabeth Most, Edin Karamazov, Đana Kahriman, Diana Haller, Janja Vuletić, James Dick, Andrew Tyson, Renata Pokupić, Naira Asaitran and others. As the conductor will also perform Canadian Charles Olivieri-Munroe, German conductor Stefan Sanderling, as well as the two Croatian conductors – Tomislav Fačini and Mladen Tarbuk.

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The fourth year of the festival will bring you classic, traditional concerts, but also new cooperations, young musicians and definetely – rich program.