When visiting Dubrovnik you are treated to a number of attractions to enjoy, as well as the fun of the beach, but what if the busy nature of day to day life in the Old Town becomes a little too much to handle?
You head to the countryside; that’s what!
Dubrovnik is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside scenery you will set your eyes on, as well as many fantastic vineyards for those who love to try out a tipple of vino or two. The great news is that the Konavle Region is within very easy reach of the city itself, and there are many trips which take you from your hotel and back again for a very reasonable price. It’s worth shopping around, but you will find many vendors, as well as your hotel, offering information.
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The area is around 15-20 minutes’ drive from Dubrovnik by car or coach, so you could choose to drive yourself or head off on a pre-arranged excursion. Konvale is separated from the sea by hills and mountains, and the fertile ground is perfect for growing fruit, vegetables and most importantly grapes for the production of delicious superb local wines. There are no hotels other than a few found in Cavtat, so a day trip is probably your best bet.
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There are around 20 small villages in Konavle where you will find historic landmarks, including a Ducal Palace in Pridvorje, and an old temple complex in Mocici. The charming villages all still hold onto their traditions, and this is evident as you move around the region. One of the most-fun ways to get around in Konavle is the scenic train which runs from vineyard to vineyard.
This trip is hugely popular, taking you slowly through the rolling countryside, helping you to appreciate the beauty and passing landscapes – and it’s great fun for families.
You will start at Brajkovic vineyard, which is over 400 years old, and here you can sample reds and whites, before moving onto your next vineyard to do the same thing all over again! You will also enjoy waterfalls and mills, learning how flour was made as you go, while checking out the natural scenery, including indigenous flora and fauna.
Cavtat Konavle region Chasing the Donkey travel winery
Another favorite stop off in the Konavle Region is Sokol Grad, a restored fortress dating back to 2000BC. This was recently opened to the public after restoration, with a museum showing you the history and importance of the building; you can also check out some breath-taking views over the coastline up to Dubrovnik.

So if you need to slow down a little and feel like a day in the Dubrovnik countryside, head for Konavle.
Photos by: Mint-media.hr / TZ Cavtat
Video by: Vlaho Torić