Blast from the past

Blast from the past

Kaia Gerber & Lila Grace Moss: Still underage, but already as glorious as their mothers – Cindy & Kate

Years ago there was Kate and Cindy, but now we have Lila and Kaia – meet the famous model daughters!

Twenty years ago and many, many years before, worlds most famous models were, among others, British supermodel Kate Moss and famous American beauty Cindy Crawford.

Obeyed the fashion world over two decades, both of them end up their supermodel careers at the beginning of new millennium but continuing working in the fashion industry even today. But in that late paths, they are not alone anymore.

They both have an excellent substitute in their look-alike daughters, Lila Grace and Kaia Gerber, barely adult girls and definitely new stars on rising of the whole high fashion world with a prediction of even brighter careers then their moms had.

Who is going to ‘win’, years ahead will show us.

Kaia Gerber vs Cindy Crawford

Kaia Gerber, 17, is a daughter of Cindy Crawford (52) model and actress and Rande Gerber (56), who is also an ex-model, but today is ‘just’ a businessman (and co-owner of tequila brand Casamigos with his partner George Clooney).

With such a modeling history it’s no surprise that their son, Kaia’s two years older brother, Presley Walker, is a model, too. With such a beautiful family and support, Kaia must rise, and from today point of view, she will rise may be even higher than her mom, not just taller, as she already is!

Although she is a barely adult, many would not be surprised if she soon wore a glamorous Victoria’s angel wings. A clear sign of someone becoming a creme de la creme of the most beautiful women in the world.

Debuting with 15 years, Kaia has modeled for magazines such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Pop Magazine, but 2017. was hers first ‘adult model year. And boy, that was the start!

She made her runway debut for Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein Collection, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Coach, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Moschino, and, during 2018 Spring Fashion Week she wore Versace, alongside her mother!

In February 2018 she landed her first solo Vogue cover for Vogue Paris issue and appeared in Spring 2018 campaigns for Versace, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Omega. But she is not just beautiful but also very creative so modeling is not her only job in the fashion industry.

She led the campaign for Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance, and already has an own design collection with partner, famous Karl Lagerfeld, in her first collaboration, in KarlxKaia collection.

With so many renowned names in her juvenile resemblance, the sky really is her limit.

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Lila Grace Moss Hack vs Kate Moss

But, she is not the only one. Who can forget one special girl from another half of the world, from Britain, with a similar story, not with Cindy but with Kate. Kate Moss and her 16-year-old model daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack.

Lila, 16, is a daughter of ex-supermodel, today owner of fashion agency, Kate Moss (44) and Uruguayan media publisher Jefferson Hack (47).

She lives in London with her mom, and recently her fashion manager, in a year when she discovers adulthood same parallel with the world who is ready to discover her. With an excellent start she had, the sky is, for one more model daughter, also the limit. Since the day Lila Grace Moss was announced as the new face of the Marc Jacobs beauty campaign for 2019, brand names are intrigued.

However, since she is was minor, and champagne was announced only 5 days after she cheered her’s sweetest 16, the campaign was done along with her mother. And Marc Jacob’s is their good friend, who knows little Lila since she was a little girl.

This is why he felt like he needs to explain the reasons behind their collaboration, and this is what he told to the world.

‘When I met Lila for the first time in 2008, at just 6 years old, Lila’s strong character, demeanor, and great beauty was already very apparent. It was a bit surreal to have Kate in the studio with Lila as it brought back memories of the first time I met Kate when she was 18 years old. So with great pride and a full heart, I share the first image of our recording with incredible Lil ‘Grace in her first campaign for Marc Jacobs Beauty’, adding that Lila’s beauty, harmony, patience, and kindness made this project even more special and far better than he could imagine.

As this news came just a few days after Lila signed her first professional contract, her mother’s ‘Kate Moss Agency’ for models. Can you predict her ending, after such amazing and already seen start?

Just remember Kaia…