We’re all connected by love for travel! And  we couldn’t agree more with Ibn Battuta  when she says “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. When you are in Dubrovnik, not only you are going to make great memories for a life but also  Instagram 🙂

Meet an interesting blogger Just Yentl . She spent last week in Dubrovnik and  this is a blic-interview about her little trip.

Can tell us from who you are and what do you do?

I am a blogger, journalist and a fashion designer with my own clothing line.

Visiting the #gameofthrones locations at Dubrovnik ✌🏼 Love my new jacket sooo much by the way! 🙅🏼

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Why is photography your passion?

Because memories make me happy. I enjoy travelling and get every special or beautiful place on camera.

What is your message when you post your work on social media?

My blog is named Just Yentl and that’s because I love to bring content that I like the most. Travelling and fashion are my favourite topics.

What is the main difference between Croatia and your country?

The weather is better and I like the people in Croatia, they are very kind and I never felt any  stress. Croatians love their country!
What traveling means to you?

Making memories!

What do you think about this city?
It’s perfect. From the very first moment – I was in love!
What is your favorite spot in Dubrovnik?
The Old Town, wow!
5 top places in Dubrovnik to take a picture?
Cable Car, Old Town, harbour, The Game of Thrones locations and the view from the mountains.