1. Be active

When the summer comes and it’s time for vacation, It’s very common that many of us stop working out. One of the reasons can be that we feel that we have been
working out so hard whole winter and now when the summer has arrived, we want to relax and enjoy it to the fullest. But throwing away all of our hard workouts can lead to a depressing reality when we come home from vacation. Choosing to stay healthy and being active during our vacation can seem though but there are so many ways of making it fun and worthy.

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Personally, I feel that I don’t want to spend a lot of time at the gym, so instead I’m trying to be active in other ways. One of them is walking everywhere instead of taking a cab. In this way I also get the chance to see things I haven’t noticed by sitting in a cab or a bus. If you are going to spend your vacation in Dubrovnik,  the biggest tips I can give you is to just walk everywhere since there are so many beautiful places everywhere.

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Another way of staying active can be by doing the workouts on the beach while the sun is rising. Then, there is swimming, biking, hiking…you name it! There are a lot of activities you can actually do – you just have to decide that you want to do it. Maybe your activity won’t be as hard as back home, but still it counts. Everything counts, even just a morning walk.


2. Think about what you eat

Just as like many of us stop working out during the summer, a lot of us stop the correct food intake. That’s wrong. When it comes to food, you can also make small changes. One thing I always think about, vacation or not, is to eat small portions many times per the day. When I’m on a vacation I always have a snack ready in my bag, just to avoid getting hungry and  having to eat a big portion later. Another tip I can give you is to have your cheat days. This way you have something to look forward to.

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Spending your vacation in beautiful Dubrovnik means a lot of Mediterranean food like vegetables and seafood, which immediately leads you to a healthier food choice. I love the Croatian food and my favorite meal is definitely a grilled octopus with vegetables.

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3. Drink a lot of water

It’s always important o stay hydrated, even more when you are on vacation. Our bodies are composed of 75% water and one of the benefits of drinking water is that it helps maintain the balance of body fluids. When I’m on a vacation I always try to carry a bottle of water with me. If I don’t see any water, I don’t ask for it, but If I have it near me, I always drink it. Another way is by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables since they contain a lot of water or switch drinking soda to drinking water. Staying hydrated is also good for your skin and for your muscle fuel.

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