How to Avoid A Fine & Still Stay Cool in Dubrovnik This Summer

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With the laws set to kick off in Dubrovnik this summer, the GoDubrovnik team wants to make sure you avoid being slugged with a hefty fine, but still find a way to look and stay cool.

The City of Dubrovnik will be introducing fines upwards of 2300 HRK (€320) for anyone not wearing a shirt and or wandering Dubrovnik’s Old Town in swimwear. 

While it’s tempting to wander about in just your cute bikini (after all you worked hard to look so good for your vacation) it’s just not so great for everyone else who is enjoying a leisurely lunch or a day of sightseeing to bear witness to so much flesh.

So let’s take a look at how you girls can avoid heat exhaustion and avoid paying those hefty fines.

1.Wear a short cover dress over your bikini. So simple, and so cheap.


2. Get yourself a pair of super short shorts and a baggy tank top.

go dubrovnik dress3. Embrace the maxi dress. Chic and effortless, this look suits all body types.

go dubrovnikdubrovnik dress

4. Long flowy skirts with huge slits will be your best friend.

flowy dress dubrovni go dubrovnik

5. Roam about in a romper.


6. Tie it up. Find an over-sized shirt and tie it up in the front. No one said a little skin is not allowed.


Be on the look out for the signs reminding you of the no swimwear policy, we’d hate for your hard earned cash be wasted on a silly fine, especially when you could spend it on good food and wine instead.


Photo source: Pinterest