It’s well known that Dubrovnik is one of the most photographed locations in all of Croatia. The UNESCO-listed fortified city walls adorn postcards and travel magazines in the thousands – it’s a magical spot (made even more famous thanks to Game of Thrones).

No matter if you shoot them from above or below, the walls will take up a good chunk of your memory card!

But where else should you take your camera on your next trip to Dubrovnik?

Let’s kick off with the second most obvious spot after The Walls.

go-dubrovnik-dubrovnik-croatia-dubrovnik-weather-hotel-dubrovnik (41)
photo by : Sandra Marusic

1 – Srđ Mountain

Buy your cable car ticket (120HRK) and head up, up and away. After several minutes, you’ll see exactly why I suggest this stop. Once at the top you’ll be 432 meters above Dubrovnik and will be afforded 360°  views of a city that never loses its charm – no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

Local Tip: Head up as close to sunset as possible. Watching the sun setting from up high is pure magic.

Once you have the city walls, and  Srđ Mountain photographed, you’ll want to aim for the less-obvious shots. Let me show you:

IMG_1314 (1)
Photo by Lena Šutić

2 – Ulica Peline 

As you come down from the cable car ride, make a bee-line for Ulica Peline. It’s easily found – the street runs parallel to the walls on the northern side. Set your camera to your best night settings, and capture the old world street lamps that throw just enough light over the 100+ steps to create a real romantic mood.

go dubrovnik dubrovnik croatia dubrovnik weather hotel dubrovnik
photo by : Sandra Marusic

3 – Trg Luža

You will walk by, through and around this many times during your stay, and it will almost always be filled with the buzz of tour groups and tourists like yourself – but – you’ll be rewarded if you wake up extra early to catch the sunrise and head to the square before the bustling day begins.

komarda dubrovnik beach go dubrovnik
Photo by Lena Šutić

4- Komarda Beach

Get your beach bag and take a leisurely stroll towards Banje Beach,  as you go keep on the look out for a stone archway that reads “Komarda” – don’t miss it! Once there it’s a hop, skip and a jump down the stairs to Komarda Restaurant – but don’t stop yet, keep walking and snap the city skyline in all her glory.

If you have an underwater camera, jump in and take photos as you look back towards the city – wow.

Photo by Lena Šutić

5 – Buza Bar ( The Hole In The Wall )

The pale rocky cliffs and the striking blue water and sky makes for a picture-perfect photo. Even if you are like me and can’t really take a photograph worth framing. Buza Bar can be tricky to find, so ask a local, and keep your eyes peeled for the “cold drinks with the most beautiful view” sign as you get close.

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