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What do footballer’s girlfriends and wives have in common with Sendi Skopljak?! Nothing, at first, apart of being the passionate football fans.

I had a big fat burger while Sendi was sharing her Dubrovnik impressions over the Caesar Salad.  If one would judge by the way she looks, this is exactly what he or she would expect. Thin, tall and pretty. Sendi’s lifestyle is all about the healthy food and fitness. I almost felt guilty while attacking my second burger at the Rixos Lobby Bar. But the guilt trip got snapped with the spectacular Rakitić goal!

Nea: So many links with you and  the football, even the Rixos is Edin Džeko’s choice, the healthy lifestyle, even the Croatian team colors by Andrea Z Design . . . you do like Croatia, at least it seems so, right? 
Sendi: I love football! When I was younger I was practicing football for years. I played the center forward , so football is really close to my heart. And Croatia is my second home.
I am not sure what surprised me more – the goal or Sendi’s cheering or my  No. 2 burger.
Nea: Could you tell us briefly how do plan to spend your time in Dubrovnik?
Sendi: I love it here. I want to spend some time at the beach, getting enough sun. I would also like to spare time for sightseeing, to explore the lovely Dubrovnik. Of course, enjoying some Mediterranean food is always on my to do list while I’m here. You should follow me on Instagram @skopljak and @godubrovnik to indulge your curiosity.


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Sendi was wearing the fan outfit designed by Andrea Zvono, the designer who made adorable dresses for Domagoj Vida’s wife and Vedran Corluka’s girlfriend.
Now, we guess Sendi finally has something in common with the WAG’s .
Nea: Sendi, did you catch a football fever while in Croatia?
Sendi:  It’s a good thing to be with the Croatian people; cheering, wearing the fan’s colors…. There’s a significant difference to watch it in Sweden and here. I’m glad I got the opportunity to watch it while I’m here. I love it!
The bizarre ending did not disappoint the cheering Rixos Liberats guests a lot, only because of Sendi, but we do hope that this won’t be the only perk in the coming match. Get your outfits ready just like Sendi did and let’s put our hearts together for the Croatian team. Go Croatia!
sendi skopljak croatian fan go dubrovnik (3)
Photos by Suzana Skopljak