Crowded streets, romantic nights, sandy beaches, history, architecture and delicious Mediterranean food are just some of the things that make Dubrovnik World’s most wanted destination.
Josipa Dragun Dubrovnik

Summer season is just around the corner and I´m sure that many of you already placed Dubrovnik on your “must visit” list for this summer, but sometimes is tricky to find a room in one of the TOP 10 summer destinations.

Ploce gate Dubrovnik

My stay in Dubrovnik probably wouldn´t be so perfect if  I didn´t get an opportunity to stay at Hotel Aquarius. Exterior swimming pool, beautiful view while you’re having a morning coffee, a dose of vintage style inside the room, tasty food and extremely kind and helpful staff make this hotel so charming. Hotel Aquarius is a small family owned hotel located in Lapad, just 3km away from Old Town and a bit more that 300m away from pebbly beach and bars.

Lapad Dubrovnik

This hotel was just what I needed after long and hot days in Old Town and photos of this hotel say much more than words can describe.

Hotel Aquarius bazen

bazen Hotel Aquarius

Kupanje Hotel Aquarius

I hope that your next step is to book a room in Hotel Aquarius and enjoy your stay in the city where every stone tells a story.