“Photography is the story I fail to put into words”

quote by Destin Sparks

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and these days most of us will try so often to catch the passing moment with a click on our camera or phone. We try to capture emotion, the architecture, small details in the streets, breathtaking sunsets, a well served dinner or the view from our apartment. Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own town, because I am always searching for details in every street and I want to record things that catch my attention for a few seconds.

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For me the appeal of Dubrovnik is in all the details and because of the pictures that I took during my stay I was am still there in my thoughts – and so to look for connections between Dubrovnik and Zagreb seemed an entirey natural idea. I found one connection in photography: in particular, I found it in a young, talented and energetic women whose work and passion is photography.

Josipa Dragun blogger Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik photography Dora Šarić
Dora Šarić is a Croatian photographer, born in Dubrovnik. She first became interested in photography during her early school years, and later took a photography course and completely fell in love with the magical process of capturing a moment with just one click. In spite of her youth people recognized her talent and passion for photography, and very early on she started to work on some serious projects. “I’m so sorry now that I didn’t take photography so seriously when I visited India a few years ago. It is an amazing country – people are so friendly, the atmosphere is wonderful, and I just want to remember every detail, every scene. Of course I want to go back”.

Dora Šarić Josipa Dragun Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik photography bloggers

“I photograph everything, from weddings to fashion, but particular loves for me are for pictures of minimalistic architecture and for portraits”, she says. Her main interests are in photographing fashion shows, street-style and behind the scenes moments. “Many collaborations and opportunities to work on big project have resulted in amazing friendships”, she added “in particular with the Jana Jurčević and Isabella Rakonić”. Her strongest connection with Dubrovnik is through her family: “My whole family is there, I was born there. Because of their job my parents had to move to Zagreb and that’s why I ended up here”, Dora said.

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Her obvious love for Dubrovnik made me ask about her favourite places when she’s there and, of course, about places that for her offer the chance for the perfect picture. “This is so hard! I love Dubrovnik – I love everything about that town. The narrow streets – you can never go wrong with taking pictures there – but if I had to name my five favourites they would be: the bay under Lovrijenac on Pile, Banje beach, Orsula, Srđ and Mlini. Dora also added that she loves to take pictures set in front of empty walls and Babin Kuk has plenty of those. Another place that she loves, not far away from Dubrovnik, is Lokrum. Every time she goes there she finds it more and more fascinating. I noticed that most of her photos are from fashion shows, both on the catwalk and backstage, and that is explained by her love for fashion.  “Models are great people – friendly and interesting. They almost automatically strike a pose the moment they see camera so it’s easy to work with them. I also adore the energy of the backstage crowd”, she said.

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Dora is openly excited about launching her own clothing line range very soon, and she also plans a photo exhibition here in Zagreb with a friend who is a printmaker. She hinted that it will be something not seen before in Croatia.  “I also love being a DJ – so I hope that this summer I will get an opportunity to work in some clubs on the Dalmatian coast”, she added.  When we spoke about countries where we might imagine our lives in the future, she said that for her it is definitely the USA, a country that leaves her breathless and where she feels she could spend the rest of her life. Do I need to tell you that pictures which she showed me look like perfect postcards?!

Dora Šarić photo Josipa Dragun blogger Dubrovnik GoDubrovnik

Time passes by so quickly when you are in a great company. I had the feeling that we’d known each other for years. Coffee, a long walk, an ice cream and a laugh together were the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon!

Photos by: Dora Šarić, www.dorabarker.com