You don’t always have to grab your passport and go elsewhere if you don’t want to, you can simply venture into the Croatian countryside a little over an hour away, but whatever you choose, the fact remains coming to Dubrovnik means you have to explore beyond the walls!
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Buggy Safari Tour

Dubrovnik itself is wonderful, but the countryside and landscapes around it really should be explored at least once during your visit. If you go on your own steam, you might find it hard to know where to go, what you’re seeing, and it’s difficult to really appreciate everything fully. Now, if you head off on an organised buggy safari tour, you’re not only getting to see everything first hand, but you’re enjoying an adrenaline-filled time too!
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The entire excursion takes three hours but the buggy driving side of it only lasts for one hour. You are of course picked up from your hotel, which cuts down on trying to get from A to B too. You get an introduction to the buggy itself, learn how to operate it, and you get a tour introduction too, so you know exactly where you’re going. After that, you and your two seater buggy are set free to explore the wonderful countryside on your off-road adventure into the wilderness! After your hour of driving you have some free time to explore on foot, and you can head to the Imperial Fortress, the War Museum, or simply enjoy the panoramic views across Dubrovnik and the Adriatic beyond.
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Around the city, there are many nods to the former war, including fortresses, old mine fields, and ruins, but there are also stunning landscapes, forests, and plentiful wildlife there too. Put simply, this is probably the best way to really understand the beauty of the area, as well as it’s former painful past, combining it with adventure and energy too.
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This is a true tourist thing to do, but it’s a great thing to do, because you get to see everything in an organised way, making it easier to explore. The tour is on offer three times per day during the summer season, from April to October.

Peljesac Private Wine Tour from Dubrovnik

Attention all wine lovers! When you’re enjoying everything Dubrovnik has to offer, don’t forget that you can easily head out and really enjoy your wine hobby, at an actual vineyard! Croatia is a serious up and comer regarding wine production and not only tasting a few for yourself, but learning about how it’s made, and see the stunning scenery too, is a fantastic day out.
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A private wine tour is entirely possible from Dubrovnik, and the drive out to the Peljesac area is just over an hour and a half. This day trip is another tiring one, but you will probably return with a big smile on your face from all that wine!
The Peljesac Peninsula is well known for its delicious wines, and is actually one of the best areas in the country for wine production. Heading here will take you on a journey from Dubrovnik, past the countryside, and into this famous peninsula, before stopping at a vineyard to check out the lovely scenery, enjoy a few tasting glasses yourself, and also learn a little something new too.
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Your tour begins in Ston, which actually has the second longest defensive wall in the world, after China of course. Your tour ends in Mali Ston, which is where oysters are farmed. As you pass through this journey you will have countless other sights to check out, and if you do your research ahead of time, you’ll learn even more still; of course, your English speaking driver will also help you out with anything you want to know.
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The tour price is between 300-400 euros depending on which option you go for, and this covers the cost of your driver and transportation, but any food, drink, or entrance fees are yours to pay separately. This tour will undoubtedly show you a different side of the area, outside of the central city.
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These are just two of the best day excursions you can try from Dubrovnik, and each and every one of them will show you the beauty and culture of the surrounding areas.
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