As most of my friends know, I moved to London last week for an internship at the Saatchi Gallery – how exciting! And even though I already have some experience with living in London, and living in an entirely new environment, moving back here was a challenge. I was feeling nervous and stressed for a few days, and as soon as the plane took off- all the stress was gone. 

dubrovnik london roza zanini mozara

I got to my new place, which I was very lucky to find with a reasonable price, good location and amazing landlords which I can already call my friends, and if you’ve ever tried to find a place in London- you know that this combination is like a lottery win.

dubrovnik london roza zanini mozara Saatchi Gallery

Getting situated was not as though as the first time, paying for public transport in triple digits (yes, in pounds) was. I will never understand those insane prices. In Croatia we are pretty blessed with the prices, in Dubrovnik especially, but we’re a tiny country when compared to the UK, London even. Buying food and necessities is not as bad as I remember, but I can imagine what will my first night out this year look like. Spoiler alert – I’m going out this weekend, so be ready to read about that soon.

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As a coffee addict, and furthermore- addicted to drinking coffee with friends, I have this adventure a few days a week of going to Starbucks or some other chain coffee shops and calling my friends on video calls, as if they were there, minus the Dubrovnik sunshine, or the smell of cigarettes in the air which you can feel in almost every cafe in Croatia.. I’m sure I’ll get used to drinking coffee alone soon though.

Saatchi Gallery dubrovnik london roza zanini mozara

As I wake up every morning pretty early, I witnessed a few gorgeous London sunrises, but I have to admit nothing can compare to a sunset at home.

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art dubrovnik london roza zanini mozara

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