A photographer’s day in Dubrovnik

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I’m Roza, a Cinematography student at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. I’ve spent a semester abroad, studying Fine-art Photography at the University of the Arts London, but my heart has always been firmly tied with my hometown. Shooting mainly fashion and nude photography, but I am also diving into the sea of lifestyle photography, while developing my own style. Even though I’m a typical perfectionistic self-critical Virgo, I have a crazy 24/7 imagination, that I wish to bring to life and share creative and interesting content.

As my own introduction as a new part of the GoDubrovnik fantastic team, I decided to create a photo-diary on one of my lazier days at home. From the not-so-early morning, until tomorrow, I’ve captured my daily moments in Dubrovnik that I’m sure a lot of my fellow citizens could identify with.

Photographers day in dubrovnik

Starting the day with coffee and a very tasty homemade lunch, my day continues with maybe too much caffeine and artistic chats (and I won’t lie, a bit of gossip) near the beach, photo-shooting a secret project on the terrace of the Dubrovnik Museum of Modern Art.

dubrovnik photography

Saying ‘see you soon’ to the sun and hello to the moon I opened a magical evening surrounded by great friends and ancient stone, that in a way became a prologue for the summer most of us anxiously await.