Is there anything better than ice cream to freshen up a hot summer day? I don’t think so.

Summer is very close and the temperatures keep on rising, so if you’ll be in Dubrovnik this summer –  Ice Cream Dubrovnik should be your choice!

Whether you’re a fruity kind of person, or you’re on the chocolate-y side like me, I’m sure you’ll find something perfect.

When I take a stroll down Stradun and around the city with a few of my friends, ice cream is a pleasure we rarely say no to.I decided to capture those moments and give you all a taste of sweetness my friends and me love.

ice cream dubrovnik

ice cream dubrovnik

Of course Paula & Paula are both chocolate type of girls! So one of them decided to go with the combination of nougat and dolce latte (which is one of my favorites as well, yum!) while the other one went classic with a scoop of chocolate.

go dubrovnik ice crEAM DUBROVNIK

Ivona loves taking risks so she went with a mix of mint and myrtle, definitely sounds interesting.


Katija on the other hand wanted a boost of energy so she chose coffee espresso and combined it with stracciatella.

ice cream dubrovnik ice cream dubrovnik

And two of my favorite combinations are kinder & vanilla or extra dark & hazelnut, I know, playing it safe.

Try one of our combinations and let us know which one is your go-to flavor mix? 🙂