SENDI SKOPLJAK, Welcome to GoDubrovnik !!!

You probably already know who Sendi Skopljak is. You’ve definitely seen her pretty face somewhere. But let’s just pretend you lived on Mars for past few years and you never heard of her. Well,shame on you! Sendi Skopljak (24) is fashion, fitness and travel blogger who is an Instagram phenomenon with over 750,000 followers. She posted her first media to Instagram in July of 2012 and began her blogging career in July of 2013. Sendi studied at a university in Boras, Sweden called Högskolan i Borås. Originally, she is from Mostar.

We are very pleased to announce miss. Skopljak as a new author at Go Dubrovnik! We bet you are already following @skopljak on Instagram, but from this week onwards, you are going to get an opportunity to have an insiders access to the content created exclusively by Sendi Skopljak for GoDubrovnik! We promise it’s going to be fun: lifestyle, travel, fun, fitness and much more!

We couldn’t be happier & more proud.

So, welcome Sendi, and we can’t wait to see what you prepared for us.



photo source : Sendi Skopljak IG & FB