You know that we at GoDubrovnik love colaborations with creative and interesting bloggers! Please give a warm welcome to GoDubrovnik’s newest team member, contributor Lili Basic Capaccetti. And who is Lili? Well, this is how she introduced herself …

“Hi everybody, I’m Lili and I come from beautiful Dubrovnik! After living for 8 years abroad at the moment I am living in Zagreb and working as a freelance Food & Lifestyle photographer and blogger at Travelling oven blog.

I have always been a gourmet, loved everything about food and I even wrote a song about Dalmatian prosciutto when I was 8 years old!
Photography was my hobby that I was very passionate about and from 2013 I started doing Food photography, first as a hobby and later professionally.
Besides food my other huge passion is travelling and I have been lucky to see some amazing places, from the green fields and hills of Scotland, Kazakh steppe with winter temperatures of – 40 C, warm and beautiful south of Turkey to the most magical Swiss Alps and many more…
But even if there is so much beauty in this world, there is no place like home and I have always had a strong connection with my Dubrovnik and I still always get butterflies in my stomach when in the airplane approaching Cilipi airport! Home is where the heart is!
I am so excited to be a part of GO Dubrovnik team and share some of my love for Dubrovnik through my stories and photography!”

We can’t wait and how about you? 🙂 For now check out some of Lili’s phots 🙂