I’m having a great time here in Dubrovnik, and soon you will find out everything about my time here. I promise, it’s going to be very interesting! But first, I  wanted to take you to Korčula. Why? Well, this  beautiful island is perfect for charging your batteries, and after enjoying Dubrovnik for a few days, I wanted to explore something different. Go Dubrovnik team recommended Korčula. And they were so right about it! This trip was exactly what I needed after energetic Dubrovnik and its pretty crowded streets.

go dubrovnik most the bridge

On our way there I was astonished by the views of the rocks, the vegetation, the groves of pine and cypresses and the vineyards. The Pelješac penninsula is just about hour and a half drive from Dubrovnik and it’s connected to Croatian mainland of Ston. The region has been known for it’s delicious shellfish, dry red wines and gorgeous beaches.
So, the first stop to our final destination was  the small town of Ston which is located in the Center of the Stone municipality.
Because of its walls, also known as “European walls of China”, logically Ston reminded me a lot of Dubrovnik. During its long history, the walls surrounded and protected the city of Ston.

josipa dragun ston dubrovnik go dubrovnik

The cup of coffee at one of the local bars and walk through the streets of this small town were a great way to start my short trip to Ston.

I wanted to capture everything! The windows with flowers, the old tables in front of the houses made of stone,  all the small details on the streets.

josipa dragun ston dubrovnik croatia

To get to my final destination we had to take a boat, so it took a bit more driving from Ston to the port town, Orebić which is also located on the Peljesac peninsula, just across a strait from my final destination, Korčula.

josipa dragun beach

The trip on the boat took around 15min, but for me it seemed like a minute. I couldn’t believe  the beauty of nature that surrounded me. The blue sea was the real definition of perfection.

korcula josipa dragun dubrovnik

It was fascinating to know that my safe harbour for a few days was the birthplace of merchant  and a traveler Marco Polo. This amazing Croatian island is also one of the most populated Croatian islands that isn’t connected to the mainland by a bridge.


The photogenic corners, the torquise sea, a great atmosphere and astonishing architecture made me fall in love at first sight with it.

josipa korcula dragun croatia

I stayed at Hotel Fabris,  and we had a pleasure of enjoying the central position in Korčula. The blend of traditional and modern decoration was fascinating. The owner of the hotel, Mr. Zlatko Fabris, moved from South Africa to Croatia because of the strong bound with his relatives here in Croatia and enormous love for this island. Zlatko likes to think about Croatia as a museum and he can’t hide the love and passion for improving the tourism here even more. “For me, Korčula means home.”, he says.

go dubrovnik korčula hotel fabris josipa dragun
Hotel Fabris

Strolling down the streets of Korčula can be really exhausting, but fortunately there are plenty of cute restaurants by the sea, and one them really got my attention.

“NONNO” (engl. grandfrather) is a restaurant located by the waterfront. But what makes it special are its kind and friendly waiters! Nonno’s delicious food is a perfect combination of traditional and modern recepies, and their wine offer is one of the best on the island.

The minimalistic exterior, a positive atmosphere and the cosy interior, are making this place one of a kind and definitely a must-visit restaurant.

The adventure in Korčula continues, so don’t forget to check out Go Dubrovnik for more stories from my travel diary 🙂