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As you already know, I’m spending some wonderful days in Korčula and Dubrovnik. Today, I’m bringing you the second part of my Korčula trip! All I can say is that it was amazing! You will find out everything about my time there; where did I eat, drink & mingle and much more 🙂 I hope my travel diary inspires you to visit Korčula, and try out the best it has to offer.

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Is there a better way to start a day than with a fantastic breakfast? We had yours at Hotel Korčula De La Ville. I must say it was absolutely delicious.
breakfast korcula go dubrovnik
Hotel Korčula De La Ville is a hotel of historical importance. It is the first town hotel on the island of Korčula, built in 1912. and surrounded with Korčula’s stone monuments.
Hotel was newly renovated in 2015 and all I can say is that interior & exterior are breath-talking. Take a look!
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Little bit of shopping is always a good idea. The old streets of Korčula island hide numerous gift shops, but I have found my favorite. “Smells like Croatia”  sign was a reason why I had to stop by to buy something for my friends and family. This gift shop is called Croatica Naturolo and it’s cuteness overload. You can find it at Marka Andrijića 6 Everything here smells like heaven and it’s homemade by hand, organic and original product from Croatia.

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korcula dubrovnik josipa dragun godubrovnik go dubrovnik (37)All that shopping made us hungry, so what’s better than dessert in the middle of the day for no reason? Arula had a perfect solution for our ”problem”!

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During this summer-in-spring days sunbathing and relaxing at the beach are perfect things to do while here! Walk to the beach in Lumbarda was pretty interesting, and it was the perfect opportunity to take some landscape photos. I was astonished by the vineyards and nature surrounding me.
We discovered a fantastic tavern and wine bar “Chakula”. Tasty food, a wide selection of wines and spacious terrace couldn’t be a better choice to have a lunch at ! Let’s not forget the fantastic view over the bay.
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Specialty of the house is definitely homemade pasta, they call it “makaruli”, made by young women in front of you. Her smile and positive energy will leave you breathless.

After a few glasses of wine at Chakula I almost forgot to mention that you can enjoy the amazing sunsets from the terrace of Hotel Korčula De La Ville which is near perfect dinner place at this island. P.S. it was selected as one of the top 6 most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean.

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Fish restaurant “Kanavelić” was the perfect way to end my day. Romantic and charming place, with food that tastes heavenly, is one of the favorite places for Roman Ambramović when he’s in Croatia with friends and family. Not only Abramović enjoys the great time at this restaurant! Bernie Ecclestone,  his daughter Tamara and his ex-wife Slavica are also regular guests here. But the list doesn’t stop there… Famous sport stars and even Dior crew had their dinners at this wonderful place. No wonder why! Just take a look at this fresh sea treasure!
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So that’s it from Korčula! Stay tuned because my travel trough Dubrovnik region continues!