Is there a better way to spend a sunny, spring afternoon, but in the great company of extremely talented person? Well, this time we didn’t talk about fashion. Today, you get to learn about the things that will inspire your vacation in Dubrovnik.

mara bratos-godubrovnik-go-dubrovnik

Mara Bratoš, a beautiful, talented and inspiring women, was born in Dubrovnik. Today, she works in Zagreb as an official photographer for the Croatian national theater. She graduated at the Academy of Art in the capital city of Croatia. Although her main job was cinematographer, her career didn’t go that way. The reason she moved from it was her desire to become ”a solo player”. „As you already know, when you’re a producer you depend on other people, you need to be a team player and I definitely didn’t see myself as one“, she says.

mara bratos dubrovnik go dubrovnik

Her career counts numerous individual photo exhibitions. The human body represents an endless source of inspiration for her, although, whenever she’s in Dubrovnik she gets inspired by Dubrovnik’s most astonishing architecture.
Vila Čingrija“ and „Šetnica do Neptuna“ (sea side walk from Lapad bay to Hotel Neptun) are Mara’s favorite spots, the must see places in Dubrovnik.

Yes, she visits her home-town a few times a year, but she never misses an opportunity to enjoy the sunny summers in Dubrovnik. She also loves Dubrovnik interiors; the traditional, simple, but yet so powerful and interesting. Mara loves the Mediterranean food as well. Especially the Stone Oysters, asparagus and Dalmatian herbs that grow only in this part of the world.

The Old City

Mara Bratoš starts her day with the casual walk trough the Old City. She usually enjoys the first cup of coffee at her favorite place Libertina (or how local’s call it ”U Lučija”-Luči’s) . According to her, „Gradska kavana“ and „Tinel“ are also some of the places you should check out.

From Mara's exhibition "Claier's knee''
From Mara’s exhibition “Claier’s knee”

She likes to visit Cavtat. The calmer setting definitely fulfils her afternoon. In the evening, she often goes to the Old City for a drink or two with her friends. Dubrovnik nights are always fun, wherever you decide to go.

From Mara's exhibition ''friends, acquaintances and means of transport''
From Mara’s exhibition ”Friends, acquaintances and means of transport”

Style? Well, Mara is an artist with a great sense of style; one of the best dressed Croatian women. In Dubrovnik, the city so powerful and beautiful, that it makes you want to become one with it- it’s almost necessary to be stylish. An unwritten rule! If you’re wondering how to become “the part of the city”, Mara advises: “Feel the Mediterranean and just go with the flow”