For me Dubrovnik represents beauty, architecture, history and romance. Dubrovnik is all about the details, photogenic corners, hidden streets, old houses, ancient stone, turqouise sea and tasty mediterranean food, so It’s impossible to decribe this city in just one word.
If I wrote about every detail that got my attention while I stayed here, this text would be way too long. So I decided to tell you about my top five things about Dubrovnik!

1. The City Walls

Dubrovnik is known as the Perl of the Adriatic thanks to many things but definitely one of the main reasons is the beauty of its stone Walls. The walls sorrounding Dubrovnik were built systematically throughout history. They served as perfect fortification system, that protected the city. Today, the Walls symbolise Dubrovnik’s freedom and its proud history, but they also serve as its main attraction. Check out the view!


2. Ice Cream Dubrovnik 

Last year, world’s most famous bloggers visited Dubrovnik and took bunch of pictures of ice cream. Well, it’s was Ice Cream Dubrovnik. I was curious. And they were right. It’s the best I’ve ever tryed. As I’m a huge fan of sweets and desserts, I can’t imagine spring or summer days without a good a ice cream. Can you?

ice cream dubrovnik go dubrovnik

This icecream tastes heavenly, even though I mixed  the two flavours that usually don’t go together, but nevermind the rules when it comes to ice cream.
Ice Cream Dubrovnik is deffinitely my recommendation for refreshment during hot summer days. Located in heart of Old Town, so you can’t miss it.

3. Architecture and details

I can’t separate these two, because they just go perfectly together. I can’t think of a better  reason why should anyone visit Dubrovnik.
As a typical tourist, I always look up and every day I’m more astonished with the architecture in this city. Everything here screams history and power, you just want to blend with these crowded streets and enjoy every minute you spend here. I want to feel every detail and I want to capture everything (you can’t even imagine how many photos I took!). I walked through these streets with the smile on my face, happiness in my heart, curiosity in my eye and a huge respect for the history of this city. You can seethat I fell in love with Dubrovnik, right?! ?


4. Boat

Sometimes, I just need a quiet atmosphere, the sea and all that beauty of the nature, so I decided to explore the islands near Dubrovnik by the boat and enjoy all those little things in life that make it beautiful.

josipa dragun boat

5. Fabulos Brunch at Poklisar

Originally, in Dubrovnik dialect, the name Poklisar means ”an ambassador”, and in this case it proved that this place is an ambassador of good taste and great time.

If you are looking for a classic  Dubrovnik restaurant, then Poklisar should be your choice. If you’re looking for that Mediterranean spark and you want to feel like home, this is it. Because of its convenient location in the Old Port is perfect solution if you just got back from a cruise and you want to eat somethin really good. A talented piano player entertains the guests and you can feel  the positive atmosphere in the air. The Poklisar stuff is very friendly and energetic, and they are always making sure you feel like home. The food is fresh, organic and tasty. You can’t go wrong with anything from their menu.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that front view from Poklisar is amazing, just breathtaking. I had a brunch there and all I can say is – Prepare yourself to be amazed! I couldn’t believe how tasty and fresh everything was, so I took a few pictures just to show you how delicious it was. I know I’m making you hungry with this special Dubrovnik-kind-of-restaurant.

josipa dragun go dubrovnik brunch poklisar