A delicious breakfast, an astonishing view, an intimate atmosphere, extremely friendly staff and a great location – this seem to be a description of one of those mornings that we used to watch on the screen. But I found all of that at one place here in Dubrovnik: the Restaurant Posat is located in the Pile area of Dubrovnik, near the Old Town Walls and it’s my recommendation for you.

Dubrovnik breakfast Josipa Dragun Posat restaurant

I enjoyed my breakfast on the broad, shared terrace with a perfect view of the Old Town, ideal if you want to get a taste of the real Dubrovnik atmosphere. The menu of the restaurant Posat is based on Mediterranean cuisine and is a great example how to use fresh local ingredients. Posat has an evergreen quality, because the food here takes you back to the time when your grandma used to cook delicious meals for you, awakening forgotten senses. Everything here is well organized and meals couldn’t be tastier.

interior Posat Josipa Dragun breakfast

The service is elegantly presented, the mood is friendly with attention to the details that enhance the sense of relaxation and pleasure that make a perfect start to the day.

Posat restaurant Breakfast Dubrovnik Josipa Dragun

My own choices from the restaurant’s menu were the Dalmatian breakfast and the Wellness breakfast. Healthy food with ingredients typical for this part of Croatia and glass of champagne were my perfect choice of how to begin my day. Of course, you can choose other types of breakfast, but with this menu I think you can’t go wrong. I couldn’t imagine better morning than this. For me the morning is crucial and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Breakfast is my favorite meal! Usually, I can’t leave my house without having a good breakfast and coffee.

Posat Dubrovnik breakfast Josipa Dragun
This perfect location at the entrance to the Old City with a best view of the City Walls conceals this charming place where you can also have a lunch, a brunch or dinner, whatever suits your inclinations. A sunny morning or a warm evening, with tasty food, a glass of wine, the sound of piano or saxophone: these things will make for moments that will stay with you. The restaurant Posat is definitely, a must-visit place in Dubrovnik.

Posat restaurant breakfast Josipa Dragun Dubrovnik

P.S. How good do those scrambled eggs look? It won’t be long before I am there again to start another day!

Photos: Josipa Dragun