5 Reasons Why Bow Ties Are Considered Classy

Why Bow Ties Are Considered Classy

Many of us like to dress elegantly and feel confident in our skin. The suit isn’t the main issue when we get invited to a special occasion. There is an ever-lasting discussion between bow ties and ties, which is better for formal settings. However, choosing the perfect wardrobe that will be both comfortable and visually pleasing may be a challenging task. 

You may have a special day coming sometime soon and can’t decide between a tie or a bow tie. Luckily, we are here to help. Below, you will see a complete guide on bow ties, the ultimate suit accessory, to complete your classy look. Before giving you the reasons bow ties are elegant, you must know the difference between different bow ties. 

Are all bow ties the same? 

The short answer is no. There are various types of bow ties for men on the market, depending on the level of elegance you are trying to achieve. Moreover, you may have seen silly bow ties, such as red ones with pictures of Santa Claus or some other colorful prints. Although this may be a good choice for a casual party, you may want to choose a different accessory for a formal event. 

Here’s a guide on bow ties and how they differ.

  • Pre-tied – as the name suggests, you can pick up this bow tie from the box and just put it around your neck. There is no need for overcomplicated tutorials on how to make the perfect bow. This bow type comes out perfectly from the store, and you can save time trying to figure it out. 
  •  Self-tie – if you are a classy, traditional person, you may find it calming to tie your tie or get your partner to do the work for you. With these ties, you can adjust how you want them to look, and with a bit of practice, you will get the perfect tie every time. 
  • Clip-on – clip-on bow ties don’t have straps that go around your neck. Instead, you will get a pre-tied bow with a small clip attached to the back. 

Why Bow Ties Are Considered Classy

The styles 

Bow ties also differ in shape and size, and there are numerous styles you can choose from. Below, you will see some of the most popular ones: 

  • Butterfly – when you think of the term “bow tie,” you may instantly think about the butterfly shape. Due to their form, you may characterize them as the perfect bow. You can wear this style with every elegant outfit or opt for an elegant-casual style. 
  • Diamond – these bow ties look similar to the previously mentioned ones. However, the main difference is the ending edge; butterfly ties have curved edges, whereas diamond ones have sharp edges. 
  • Batwing – if you like a less dramatic look and want your bow tie to blend with your outfit, batwing bows are your best friend. These ties are narrow and trim; you can use them with any outfit. 

Why are bow ties classy? 

You may have seen many people wearing a suit with a bow tie and think about why those people look so elegant and classy. Bow ties can complete your look, and here are some things that make these accessories the best for elegant outfits. 

1. Comfort 

Bow ties are comfortable and won’t scratch your neck if appropriately placed. Moreover, you should ensure you do not put it on too tightly to ensure comfort. When you feel comfortable in your outfit, there is nothing you can’t do. Your confidence will rise, and you will feel and look classy. 

Since these accessories have thin straps, you will feel like you have nothing around your neck (which is not the case with ties). It won’t pinch, scratch, or be heavy on your neck. There is nothing classier than confidence, and bow ties undoubtedly contribute to this aspect. 

Why Bow Ties Are Considered Classy

2. Design 

We have mentioned that there are different styles of bow ties for men. However, designs are equally important. The thing that contributes to the bows’ classy feeling the most is their design. Similarly to the style, you can choose different designs to complete your outfit. 

All bowtie designs can make you look classier, even the silly ones. You can usually find some of the most exclusive bow tie materials. For example, you may see a silk bow tie that will shine around your neck and make you look luxurious. On the other hand, you can rarely find ties made of this premium material. 

3. Size 

When shopping for ties, you must purchase a tie according to your height and other measurements. If you don’t choose the correct tie size, you may look drained and shorter than you indeed are. On the other hand, bow ties are universal and will fit anybody. 

Bow ties can differ in size, but you can wear all of them – bow tie size doesn’t matter when you shop for them. You can choose the bow you like, and that’s it—no need to measure yourself or fear whether you have selected the right one for your body type. 

4. The look 

Instead of the overcomplicated look of ties, you can get a simple, clean look by wearing a bow tie. The look of these accessories can elevate your outfit and make it appear even classier. If you have an old suit in the closet and want to wear it again, put on a bow tie and watch the magic happen. 

Moreover, bow ties won’t dangle around your neck, and you won’t have to adjust them whenever you move constantly. Choosing a bow tie may be the way to go if you want to keep your hands off your neck accessory. 

5. Uniqueness

You can always see two different bow ties. Yes, you may see bows made from the same material with the same pattern, but they are always different because they fit the person wearing them. On the other hand, you can point to another person and say: “Hey! We have the same tie!” 

Everyone will remember you as a bold person who wanted to make a fashion statement. Wearing a unique accessory will catch everyone’s attention – you will be the main character wherever you go. If you are unsure whether you look classy enough, you should put on a bow tie. 


Formalwear can make you look and feel elegant. However, without proper accessories, your look won’t be complete. If you want to dress to impress and need a tip on looking your best, the answer is hiding in bow ties. Once you try them, you can never go back.