5 Relaxing Staycation Ideas You Can Explore In Pandemic Times

staycation ideas

The pandemic situation has changed everyone’s life to a great extent. Sudden orders of stay at home for extended durations led to high stress in the first place. The global travel restrictions made things even worse. It led to the popularity of new concepts like staycation – a vacation at or near your home. The good thing about this concept is that it is innovative, safe, and less expensive. You can enjoy this solo or with loved ones without worrying about the risks of infection. So you can explore such vacation options fearlessly. Here are some relaxing staycation ideas for exploring in pandemic times.

5 Great Staycation Ideas!


Camping at a nearby trail 

Camping is an excellent vacation option in the new normal. A nearby camping site can be a hidden gem as you can reach there without spending a fortune. Moreover, you can reduce your stress levels and experience the benefits of fresh air. Wellness enthusiasts can indulge in yoga and meditation in this perfect setting. Adventure lovers can try hiking or cycling the trails nearby. Remember to take your music system along to romanticize those starry nights with a bonfire. 


Explore your city like a tourist 

It is easy to skip your hometown when you indulge in your wanderlust. But now is the best time to get back to the basics. You may either plan to visit the tourist attractions in town or google some unfamiliar sites around the city. Creating your itinerary your way is always interesting. Add activities like a walking tour, a tram ride, or a bike ride in the lanes. Explore your city like a tourist, and you may come across some unknown historical or cultural tales.

staycation ideas

Host a cannabis-themed barbecue in your backyard 

Hosting a cannabis-themed get-together in your backyard is another staycation idea worth trying. But make sure that cannabis is legal in your state and your guest list has people of legitimate age. Prepare a menu carefully because you have to consider the preferences of all the guests. You can plan easily by buying ready edibles. Explore the caviar dc menu to find the perfect ones for your party. You can even host a potluck meal to make it less burdensome.     


Rent an Airbnb

If you are missing those leisurely holidays with breakfast on call, try renting an Airbnb apartment, farmhouse, or beach house in your city. You can choose a property that makes an apt fit for your budget. You may look for a place with recreational activities like an in-house gym and swimming pool. Renting a vacation home makes a good idea as it offers all the privacy you need.  

staycation ideas  

Book a spa day at your favorite salon 

Taking a day off from your hectic work-from-home schedules and other routine chores sounds interesting. You can spend it to pamper yourself with spa treatments for a much-needed break. Book your favorite spa treatment in a nearby salon or at a resort on the outskirts of your city. It can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul and reset your energy levels. 


Such small breaks can be highly experiential and relaxing. Moreover, in these challenging times of pandemic, they are the safest vacation options that can keep you motivated and strong.