5 Tips a tenant needs to know before renting a property in Malta


Malta has become one of the most attractive destinations for tourists and expatriates. Based on this, rental property values keep increasing. Most tourists want to visit the island to enjoy the rich history and vibrant nightlife. 

Staying in Malta is fun if you have a conducive apartment. Like every country, Malta has laws that govern property rental. Property management company like Sunscape Properties can be useful in this regard. Before you rent a property in Malta, you need to read this article.

Learn about the rental laws

As a tenant, you must learn about the basic laws governing landlord and tenant relationships in Malta. It will help you remain compliant and know about your rights and obligations. Take note of areas such as rent increases and notices. Reach out to the Malta Housing Authority to learn more.

Do a thorough research

Don’t rely on one source for information before renting a property in Malta. Research the rental market in Malta to get a fair price for the property. Remember that the location of the property in Malta will affect the price. Find out the appurtenances and other features the rental property has before renting. You may opt for rental properties close to public transportation, bus stops, supermarkets, etc.

Inspect the property

Before you proceed with signing any rental contract, inspect the property. Note any damages or items that are available or those that need repairs. It’s best to get an inventory to outline everything that you meet in the property. Note their state and whether they need repairs. You can go a step further and take pictures and maybe a video. Add the inventory to the rental contract. 

Understand your contract

Reading your rental contract is different from understanding it. Don’t sign the rental contract if you do not understand all the terms and conditions. Take note of the payment areas and the notices that must be given before eviction. Any part of the rental contract that is not clear should be pointed out. In addition, contact a real estate company or an attorney to help interpret any gray area in the contract.

Maintain a good relationship with your landlord

Keep the lines of communication with your landlord open. This will help you develop a positive relationship, and if any issues pop up, you can inform your landlord. Also, your landlord will attend to you faster if you have a cordial relationship with them. In most cases, you are required to give your landlord one month’s notice to terminate the tenancy.


Most landlords in Malta are friendly, but you must ensure that you read the rental contract properly before you sign. In addition, seek clarification if you don’t have any terms and conditions on the rental contract. Finally, for the best rental properties, reach out to Sunscape Properties. Interestingly, Sunscape Properties’ services are affordable, and they are one of the best in Malta. Finally, Shortzzz offers rental properties.