Dubrovnik is one of the most fascinating walled cities globally, overlooking the blue waters of the Adriatic. Once the Republic of Ragusa (1358-1808), Dubrovnik is Croatia’s most exclusive destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year, including big names such as Beyoncé, Roman Abramovich, and Naomi Campbell. This destination has a lot of activities perfect for lazy tourists. Still, it can also keep fitness freaks happy and healthy. With its glorious coast, beautiful beaches, breathtaking diving, and exciting sea kayaking, here’s how to stay fit and entertained in Dubrovnik: 

5 Tips to Keep Fit and Have Fun in Dubrovnik

Walk the walls of Dubrovnik.

Every new visitor to Dubrovnik needs to start their tour with a walk on the city walls to see the city from a whole new perspective. Expect this walk to take you well over an hour as you take in ever-changing views over the rooftops of the Old Town. Set aside between two and three hours for this experience, best plan it for early morning or late in the afternoon (it can get very hot up there). Grab your water bottle and start your active tour at the main entrance. The admission fee is 100 KUN, but you will also get a free visit to the Lovrijenac Fort, where you can further test your fitness and climb up 175 steps to the top of the fort. 

Workout equipment is crucial to be prepared for active getaways. After your walk, you can stroll along Stradun, the main pedestrian street through the Old Town. On Gundulić Square, check out the open-air market (open only in the morning) and see all the excellent local produce sold by vendors. If you’re watching your diet, don’t worry. You will get to buy fresh and healthy fruit—cherries and strawberries in spring, figs, and peaches in summer, and oranges and pomegranates in autumn. 

Go kayaking

Since Dubrovnik is a coastal destination, make sure to try out as many water sports as you can. Start with kayaking which is suitable for all levels of fitness and skill. Right next to the Old Town entrance, you will get to book kayak tours and discover Dubrovnik from the water (and give your whole body an excellent workout). 

Take a break and taste the Mediterranean cuisine.

Sure, you’re trying to stay fit, but you can’t overwork your body—after all, you’re on vacation! Luckily, Dubrovnik is very friendly to people who watch their diet. Dalmatian food is eaten along the Dalmatian coast and on the islands. It focuses on fish, green veggies, olive oil, and healthy herbs. It’s a typical Mediterranean cuisine which is considered to be the most beneficial in the world. Make sure to try grilled fish with mangel, black risotto, and octopus salad. While you can get most of your nutrients from Mediterranean food, don’t hesitate to bring your CLA supplements. That way, you can look shredded and lean all through your vacation. 

Explore beaches and bays

Dubrovnik is blessed with clear sea and picturesque stony beaches, so make sure to explore both. You can find various beaches perfect for swimming and beach sports. Dubrovnik is also ideal for cliff jumping, so you’ll get to satisfy your need for adrenalin while keeping fit. If you want to spend the entire day bathing, take a trip to nearby Lokrum Island with many bathing spots. When you get bored of the beach, climb the island’s highest point to the 19th-century Forth Royal for some breathtaking views.

If you and your friends are into team sports, you can always find a spot to exercise your team spirit and get some serious cardio. Just one hour of volleyball on sand will burn almost 250 calories. In contrast, a football match against Croatian boys will burn astounding 500 calories! 

Climb to the top of Mt. Srd

Are you ready for a serious challenge? Skip the cable car to the top of Mt. Srd and walk up the mountain. It will take you about an hour to get to the top, so arm yourself with good walking shoes, comfortable clothing, and a lot of sun protection. You will get to climb steep steps and navigate narrow roads that lead to the trail. Luckily, you can take a cable car on your back down. 

You will not have any issues keeping fit and busy on your vacation in Dubrovnik. With a variety of activities and healthy food at your disposal, you will come back from your holiday looking and feeling better than ever.