Croatia is known as one of the best choices for a summer vacation. Its tourism has skyrocketed to the point where its economy is relying heavily on it. However, it also caters to both locals and tourists who love to go to casinos. Here are six of the best places in Croatia that can satisfy your gambling desires.

6 Best Places For Gambling In Croatia


Diamond Palace Casino

The Diamond Palace Casino is one of the best things to do on a night out in Zagreb. It doesn’t cater to gamblers only, as the casino also hosts spectacular parties every single week. It is located in the heart of Zagreb. The inside of the casino combines prestige, charm, and magnificence. The massive 1600 square meter interior is dawned with Murano glass chandeliers.

People can also find quality suede playing tables for live dealer blackjack, an onyx bar, and a big casino party space. The parties held in the Diamond Palace Casino are some of the most exclusive. There is always a probability of meeting famous stars or professional athletes there. There are various casino games to play as well, and the staff works round the clock to ensure excellent customer service. 

Casino Cezar Zagreb

Casino Cezar has three different branches to choose from. The more popular ones are located in Zagreb and Koprivnica, Croatia. This casino offers a broad selection of electronic gaming machines. These machines undergo maintenance to ensure the highest quality for the players. Alongside the gaming machines, the casino also has several electronic roulette terminals. 

The casino isn’t too over the top. It is the perfect place for common folk to come and have a good time gambling. It provides a welcoming atmosphere without the intimidation brought by high-end casinos. 

The famous machines in this casino are slots. The slot machines are all incorporated into a complex progressive jackpot system. The system allows players to have a chance to win an enormous jackpot payout. Another branch of the casino is located in Vrbovec. 


Zagreb Hippodrome

Horse racing enthusiasts and people who gamble on it are a familiar sight in this place.

The Zagreb Hippodrome welcomes one of the older forms of gambling. It is well popular for the “Sport of Kings,” as they would call it. Horse Racing has been present here since the 1950s and is an incredible engine for the gambling industry. The 120-acre lot used to feature three different race tracks before its renovation, where one of the tracks got replaced with an indoor riding hall. 

It has been managed by the Zagreb Equestrian Club almost at the same time that it was created. Some races are held there almost year-round. The most famous one being the annual tournament in June (Lipanjski turnir). The Hippodrome was also used as a venue for a few masses by the Pope and a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.

Grand Casino Admiral

It may look like any other hotel/casino on the outside, but the Grand Casino Admiral should not be missed. It is one of the places that offer lots of things to do without leaving the premises. However, it is also located in a bustling area. A few days should be enough to fully experience what the casino, hotel, and area offer. 

The casino features a lot of different games to play. You can find slot machines for individuals who enjoy gambling but do not want to spend too much money. There are also poker rooms for gambling enthusiasts who enjoy high stakes, and also a game for every type of gambler.

The casino is also home to well-structured poker tournaments. Anyone with a knack for playing poker can join it. The casino ambiance is very friendly with quality service. You can win numerous prizes with high-quality games with the casino’s expert dealers. 

Merit Casino Libertas

The Merit Casino Libertas offers hours of fun and an unforgettable gambling experience. There are plenty of new machines to try. The casino also ensures that all its guests receive the best service. There are card games, slot machines, poker tables, roulettes, and much more in the casino.

The casino is located in the lovely city of Dubrovnik. The city is famous for being the home of Croatia’s intellectual elite. It is one of the more popular tourist destination cities. Players can spend the night gambling away and the next day goes sightseeing around the area.

The casino is the perfect mix of being a place where people from every walk of life and every social class flock to. It is a perfect place when these individuals are feeling a little lucky. Click here and get some free spins!

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Mulino Casino Club Poker Room

The Mulino Casino located in the Mulino Hotel provides a very inviting atmosphere. It is where the pleasures of luxury are discovered. It is located in the Istria Region, very close to the Italian and Slovenian Borders. Perfect for great holidays in style. 

The Casino features elegant interiors. The poker rooms provide the players with comfort and quality. Perfect for individuals who enjoy a spirited game of Texas Hold ‘Em. There are 20 tables available and over 260 slot machines. Perfect for an atmosphere of gambling and amusement.

Guests won’t be hungry as well because the famous Mulino restaurant is located nearby. The Mulino Casino is the perfect palace for a holistic experience and a memorable night out in Croatia.