Over the years, watches have become more of a status symbol than just a tool to tell time. Well-known personalities like Randall Stephenson (CEO of AT&T), Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon), and Angelina Jolie wear luxury watches that stand out in a crowd. Watches have become such an identifier of social status that many magazines report what watch personalities are spotted wearing. The status points that watches bring to the table are worth investing in a watch that boosts the way people see you in social functions. Swiss luxury brand Tissot is one of the top-notch brands to look out for design, functionality, and everyday use. If that is too much for you, here are some brands to look out for.

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Rolex is one of the oldest Swiss luxury brands in the market. Founded in 1905, the Rolex brand survived through the two world wars. It helped to boost the morale of British and American soldiers during the second world war. Today, it maintains its position as one of the most prominent players in the luxury watch brand industry. Rolex Has been the official timekeeper of Wimbledon since 1987.

Notable wearers: Barack Obama, Casey Neistat, Paul Newman, Martin Luther King, Roger Federer, Rihanna

Models to watch out for: Yacht-Master 42, Day-Date, Cellini, Explorer, Sky-Dweller, Datejust 36, Milgauss

Tag Heuer

Despite the popularity of TAG Heuer today, few people are familiar with the brand’s rich history. TAG Heuer began as two separate companies: In 1860, Edouard Heuer set up his watch shop in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Here, he crafted pocket watches and could patent some of his designs. From 1860 to 1984, Heuer’s family had maintained the company’s status as a leader in the watchmaking industry. They crafted and improved many mechanical watch designs, which popularized the brand.

In 1985, the TAG group, an acronym for “Techniques d’Avant garde,” bought the Heuer company, giving birth to its current brand TAG Heuer. Though the brand hit a few bumps after the acquisition, it has re-established its foothold as a Swiss luxury watch brand.

Notable wearers: Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Randall Stephenson, Patrick Dempsey, Petra Kvitovà, Steve Mcqueen

Models to watch out for: Tag Heuer Carrera, Tag Heuer Aquaracer, Tag Heuer Autavia, Tag Heuer Monaco


Suppose you want to look stunning and awe-worthy in a black-tie and exclusive social gathering. In that case, having a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is something that should be on your checklist. This watch brand is a well-respected brand for dress watches, and anyone who is seen wearing it is bound to be someone high on the social ladder. Jaeger-LeCoultre was founded in 1833 in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland and has since created thousands of well-designed dress watches. Antoine LeCoultre, the founder of Jaeger-LeCoultre, also invented the Millionometre. This device helped refine the manufacture of watch parts. Today, Jaeger-LeCoultre is well-respected for the complex mechanical movement of their watches.

Notable wearers: Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Foxx, Christian Bale, Michael Corbat (CEO of Citigroup), Leonardo DiCaprio

Models to watch out for: Reverso Classic, Master, Polaris, Atmos, Hybris Mechanica


Looking for a luxury watch with a fashionable style? Then Piaget is your brand. Established in the small town of La Côte-aux-Fées in the swiss Jura mountains, Piaget’s humble beginnings start with a love story. At 19, Georges-Édouard Piaget began his first workshop on their family farm. His motivation for crafting started because he wanted to make simple gifts for his wife, Emma. But seeing his excitement for the craft of watchmaking, he pursued his passion, and his brand grew into the watch and jewelry brand that it is today.

Notable wearers: Ryan Reynolds, Terrence Howard, Olivia Palermo

Models to watch out for: Altiplano, Limelight Gala, Piaget Polo, Possession


If you are into more Chic and urban style but still want a luxury watch on your wrist, Swatch is the brand for you. Compared to other Swiss watches, the Swatch brand is relatively young. Established in the early 1980s, the brand had always aimed to create high-quality watches that were affordable and catered to the younger generation. The creation of the “Swatch” (a clipped term for “Secondary watch”) came at the right time because cheaper Quartz watches were rising in popularity at the time – sinking the sophisticated Swiss mechanical watch industry. Because of Swatch, there was a sort of renaissance for Swiss mechanical watches.

Notable wearers: Lloyd Blankfein (Former CEO of Goldman-Sachs), Karlie Kloss, Karry Wang (Chinese singer), Anne Curtis (Filipino actress), Max Parrot (Canadian athlete)

Models to watch out for: Big Bold, Bioceramic, Sistem5, New Core, Classic, Blue Blend, Rinse Repeat


Last on our list is a watch brand with the honor of having Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II as one of its clients. Like many watches on this list, Chopard began in the Jura mountains of Switzerland. It was set up by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the son of a farmer, at 24. Because of the precision and reliability of Chopard’s watch movement, it had an early breakout. It became the official watch provider for the Swiss Railway Company. Chopard was fortunate to have traveled to other parts of Europe to make connections for his brand. Today, Chopard is the last family-run watchmaking company and a massive player in the luxury watch industry. Women and men’s lines are headed by two different presidents.

Famous wearers: Michael Fassbender, Colin Firth, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard (French actress), Adriana Lima (Brazillian Model)

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Just like cars and clothes, a watch speaks a thousand words about you: it tells people about your social standing, your wealth, and your power in society. Many luxury watches are worn by the rich and powerful to let people know they are elites and have made a name for themselves. So, if you want to increase your presence in social functions and show you are part of the elite group of people, you need to invest in a nice luxury watch.