Drawing up a bucket list always has some additions and subtractions. On the one hand, as a golf fanatic you’re happy to relish all the triumphs on your way. However, on the other hand, you’re silently curating a list that you may need 80- odd or even longer years to complete. 

golf fanatic

Or, how about playing a course in every continent? Or, maybe smashing a drive 400 yards down the fairway. 

Now that you’re a golf enthusiast and are crafting a bucket list to satisfy your passion for the game, here are some ideas to give wings to your dreams. Can’t wait to add activities to your list? Here are some things you should consider:

Golfing Road Trip

Do you envy the American road trip films? Miles of the desert on the horizon, Springsteen blaring on the radio, or some other course stops? This trip may necessarily be in America but can be any road trip that takes you to the finest courses. 

This trip may require you to spare some money, food, petrol, and other necessities. But a road trip to your favorite golf trip is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. Golfers from the Loan Start State like to make the most out of such vacations by touring their state and beyond. They often go to Comal County playing at the golf course in New Braunfels TX and then traveling beyond to other top courses around the country. Having a try at various terrains and landscapes can be a tremendous experience for any golfer.

Investing in a Good Golf Kit

You may feel that buying new clubs and golf accessories is an expensive endeavor. And that’s when you let decades and years pass without bringing an upgrade to the equipment. You also foresee marginal gains from the equipment, which you think doesn’t justify your hard-earned money. 

golf fanatic

But, you dream of having an expensive and modern golf kit. So, why wait? 

Bring sparks to your passion by investing in new golf clubs, a brand new golf bag, tees, a golf hat, and a golf valuables pouch. After all, not investing in the same makes you miss out on the improved technology, which can improve your scores tremendously. Some golfers prefer markers that have bright colors or designs so that they can easily see where they are putting during play. These markers allow golfers to personalize their experience and make each hole feel like its own unique challenge. There are a number of different brands and styles of custom golf ball markers on the market, and each offers its own specific benefits. Get your own with a custom design from Vivipins.com.

Just ask yourself when is the right time to switch to the new equipment. And, give yourself all you’re passionate about. 

Be a Spectator at the Ryder Cup

Many golfers dream about experiencing Ian Poulter’s Ryder Cup heroics at the local clubhouse. So, if you too are enthusiastic about witnessing the same from the comfort of your armchair, then why wait? 

Absolutely nothing matches the experience of squealing delight a few feet away from the winning putt.

 However, it also depends on the allegiances that you can sandwich between the glum opposition fans. Every single moment swears to be an experience. It can be donning a Miguel wig that’s complete with a cigar or maybe a Boo Weekly’s famous house celebration. 

After all, what’s better than being present for a visceral experience? None, maybe!

Making your First Hole

For once… just for once, forget the inevitable bar bill. 

Your accuracy and precision may be a fluke, but what if it ends in a cup? Will you still complain? Whether in the club competition or a Sunday pal knock-about, this is one of the most ultimate achievements for a golfer. 

All you’ve to hope for is having a playing partner that helps you witness the feat in the best manner. 

Playing a Course on Every Continent

Having six holidays in your lifetime may help you tick off this one from your list. Of course, the earth has seven continents. And, diving deep into some research, you’ll discover that Antarctica has only one frisbee golf course. 

And that’s how you’ll be able to tick off two continents from your list. Also, a hearty handshake will be on your way if you’re able to say that you’ve played even four or more. 

Go to the Augusta National

This theory says that Augusta National’s water hazards are 50% standard H2O and are 50% teardrops. 

Believe when they say that those teardrops are of the grown men and women who don’t believe that they’ve made it to ironic golf venues. And note that this is a theory in reality. And isn’t made up for suiting the purpose of this write-up. 

So, throw yourself to the fact that the players you’ll watch will be competing for the most sought-after golf trophy. Hence, prepare yourself for a hell of a weekend. 

Play Old Course

From one iconic venue to the other, you’ll surely desire to grab a round of golf at the Augusta National. Now that chances are more minor, your dreams are sure to grace the hallowed St Andrews turf. 

So, be sure to navigate your luck on the Valley of Sin or take on the Road bunker. Also, in the deepest corner of your heart, you already might be aware that you’ll fail more miserably than some of the greatest golf players. 

Nevertheless, it’s sure to be an experience of a lifetime. 

Bucket List For Golf Fanatics

Some other things that can outshine your bucket list are doing a golfing marathon, installing a practice area in your garden, among several others. All you’ve to do is think and make notes of all the stuff you’ve eyed upon ever since you’ve started playing.