7 Tips To Follow Before Starting Your Next Trek


Mountains are among the most sought-after destinations for a vacation or an adventurous expedition. Trekking remains at the top, while there are different ways to enjoy a holiday at the hill station. Traversing through the rough terrains and snow-capped peaks can be both thrilling and encouraging at the same time. 

Also, exploring the unknown and hidden trails may be exciting for beginners and experienced trekkers. While trekking requires minimal preparation, you must follow a few things before starting your next trek to the mountain tops. 

Read on to learn the tips and tricks to help you sail through the hike like a pro. 

1. Research Before Picking The Route 

Before embarking upon the journey, you need to finalize the destination first. When planning the route, try considering multiple factors. Some aspects related to the distance from your native city, safety concerns, nearest habitable region, and difficulty level need consideration. 

Moreover, you should research the weather and nearby tourist attractions beforehand. It helps tackle frequently experienced challenges and may help you easily sail through the journey. If you are still looking for a definite route, seek a travel guide.

Once you know the exact route, planning the other things and moving on to the next step is more accessible. Furthermore, it ensures a safe, reliable, and delightful trekking experience. 

2. Carry Sufficient Munchies

While traversing through the rough terrains, you will feel hungry more often. Instead of relying on the eateries, you can pack your share of munchies and snacks. Try to keep the eatables that come in handy and provide instant glucose to sail through the arduous trek. 

Some munchies are protein bars, sandwiches, biscuits, and chocolate bars. Also, dry fruits, instant noodles, and dehydrated fruits may be your savior at high altitudes and challenging-to-reach areas. Ensure you carry sufficient eatables to satiate hunger pangs and save money. 

To feel lighter, you may carry a few herbal supplements. Or, maybe  smoke cannabis before a good hike to lighten the mood and boost your stamina. 

3. Consider The Weather Conditions

Another thing to remember before embarking upon a trek is the weather conditions of the place. Climate change and weather shifts are one of the most unpredictable things about a mountain region. Hence, awareness and preparedness for sudden changes in weather, like rainfall or snowfall, is essential. 

A quick weather check is likely to help you pack the right kind of clothes and additional accessories. Pack woolen clothes like sweaters or jackets if the weather is too cold. On the other hand, rainy weather calls for windcheaters and raincoats for proper protection. 

During a trek, it’s always better to be well-equipped to avoid mishaps and accidents. A well-researched plan is less likely to fail and helps you make the most of the excursion. 

4. Pack The Essentials Wisely

Do you often need help with packing the right stuff for your trips? When packing for your next trek, you need to be extra cautious. Getting all the things you may require during the hike is crucial. You may require diverse items on your excursion, from essential clothing pieces to specific apparel like raincoats or trekking shoes. 

You can sort the essentials by preparing a list of everything you may need on your way. Moreover, it’s better to classify the requirements based on the categories. 

While packing your luggage, you must ensure it’s lightweight and easy to carry. That way, you can experience a smooth trek without any trouble related to the luggage. You must bring sunglasses, a map, a compass, a first-aid kit, and a sleeping bag.

5. Prepare Your Body 

With prior preparation, it becomes easier to climb up rough terrains and inclined slopes. That’s where the role of preparing your body on a physical level creep in before a trekking excursion. You must start moderate physical activity at least 1 to 2 months before your trip. 

Moreover, try including aerobic exercises like cycling, swimming, or even climbing the stairs in it. It helps develop stamina, enhances endurance levels, and may promote muscle development. Further, prior preparation can lower the chances of injury and improve your efficiency during the trek. 

6. Stay Hydrated 

Almost everybody realizes the need to drink plenty of water during a trek. But, many trekkers end up experiencing dehydration and related symptoms while climbing up. Before you embark on the journey, carrying plenty of fluids, including water, is crucial. You must load on fluids like energy drinks, soft drinks, canned juices, or sparkling water. 

That way, you are more likely to stay energized and active throughout the journey. Try taking a break occasionally and sip on some water to keep your thirst in control. Not only will it keep your body going, but it also ensures optimal body function. 

7. Consider The Medical Requirements 

You need to consider medical emergencies and care when going on a trek. Accidents are inevitable and can occur at any point in time. Hence, be prepared and carry a first-aid kit to combat any medical-related issue on your excursion. Try to keep the essential medications like antipyretics, antihistamines, and analgesics in it. 

Further, use the essentials to manage mild wounds, like gauze pieces, antiseptics, and cotton swabs. Such items can help you tackle the injuries without leaving your trek midway. Such basic survival tactics help transform your personality and instill more confidence. At the same time, you can take care of your health and experience a stress-free trekking experience. 

Final Verdict 

Trekking is an adventurous experience that satiates the wanderlust within every traveler. If you’re a traveler fond of mountain tops and snow-capped views, you might want to embark upon a trekking spree soon. Before starting your next trek, preparing your body and mind for the same is crucial. 

You can begin with thorough research about the route and prepare the itinerary accordingly. Furthermore, follow the destination’s weather forecast to find the clothing you must carry. Make sure to bring enough snacks and keep yourself hydrated on the go.