Accident With Enterprise Rental Car: 5 Steps To Take Next


In the hours right after an accident, your head is spinning, and your world has been turned upside down. You assess your situation, determine how best to move forward, and begin moving the vehicle and dealing with the aftermath.

You’re safe, and that’s the most important thing to focus on now. Now what?

If you’ve been in an accident with rental car Enterprise, where do you go from here? What do you need to do next? Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to proceed.

1. Check for Injuries and Safety

Check yourself and anyone else in the car for any visible injuries and call for medical attention right away. Even if you don’t feel anything wrong right after the accident, it is best to have yourself and other people involved checked. Some signs and symptoms take days to appear.

If possible, move the vehicle to a safe location and turn off the engine so it does not cause any further accidental harm. Don’t forget to check the area for any other ongoing safety concerns, such as debris or environmental hazards.

2. Contact Law Enforcement

Notify the local authorities immediately and provide them with all relevant information. Make sure to record the officer’s name and badge number so that you can follow up.

You should also request a police report for the incident. You may be required to fill out an incident report, so have all of your information ready. Finally, be sure to get a copy of all the necessary documentation from the police department.

3. Exchange Information and Document the Scene

It is important to make sure to get contact information (including phone number, address, and insurance information) as well as vehicle information (including make, model, and license plate). Additionally, take pictures of the scene if it is safe to do so.

If there were any witnesses to the accident, be sure to get their contact information as well. This will help to ensure that both parties can provide Enterprise Rental Cars with accurate information for their records.

4. Notify Enterprise

Call Enterprise’s 24/7 customer service hotline to report the incident and inform them of the situation. You can typically find the contact information in your rental agreement or on Enterprise’s website.

Follow Enterprise’s instructions regarding how to proceed with the damaged rental car. They will guide you through the process of returning the vehicle, arranging for repairs, or providing a replacement car if necessary.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company and Accident Attorney

Your insurance company and your accident attorney in Phoenix Arizona will be able to provide guidance and additional information about the claims process. Your auto insurance may cover roadside assistance and tow services, which come in handy during a car accident.

They will also be able to advise you regarding the best way to move forward. Be prepared to provide your insurance company with the details of the accident, including the police report and any information obtained from the other party involved.

A Guided on What to Do After an Accident With Rental Car Enterprise

If you ever find yourself in an accident with rental car Enterprise, there are five steps to take next. These include ensuring your safety, calling the police, alerting Enterprise, taking pictures of the damage, and filing a claim.

For now, the best thing you can do is to contact an accident attorney to help you with the legal aspects of filing a claim and protecting your rights. Get in touch with a lawyer for more info!

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