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Buggy Safari Dubrovnik: The most fun you can get around the town


Are you ready for the adrenalin rush? Buggy Safari Dubrovnik is back for the new HOT season!

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your holidays in Dubrovnik, there’s no better way of doing it than having an unforgettable adventure driving a buggy. Experience the thrills of motorsport while enjoying the natural landscapes at Srdj Hill that only Buggy Safari Dubrovnik can offer. Push your limits and go for an adventure in which you will discover fabulous places and views that make this region so much more than sun and sand!

buggy safari dubrovnik buggy safari dubrovnikChoose your own speed and explore as much as you wish, the knowledgeable Bugy Safari Dubrovnik guide will take care of you just like your guardian angel would so you don’t ever have to worry about finding your way back. Your safety always comes first, so you can just relax and let yourself go!

buggy safari dubrovnikIf you’re looking for a way to impress your date or to amuse bunch of friends crazy buggy ride should be your first choice. Safe, exciting and about the most fun one can have in Dubrovnik.

buggy safari dubrovnik


If you’re participating at Du Motion runners’ Days Dubrovnik make sure you find your coupon on the brochure you’ll receive. This way you’ll get a 30 % off your ride. We will be there, and how about you?!

Check out Buggy Safari on Facebook and at Buggy Safari Dubrovnik website and start your adventure NOW!!!