Dubrovnik guy on the top of the World


Lucky, a Dubrovnik uncanny boy who sees the moment looking for his serendipity across the most challenging World Wonders where Kilimanjaro, Elbrus are only some of them. As per his words Dubrovnik is far more than bright Sun and perfect sea “If you scratch beneath the beauty of the City Walls & Stradun, beaches & tempting lounges you will find tremendous beauties of woods, mountains, hills and fields. Don’t sip your cocktail quietly & indulge the moment….go into the Wild! You will love what you discover!

  1. A world traveler, a hedonist … Lazar Badanjac! You are definitely more than an alpinist, more than a free climber, more than a sportier. May I say an adventurist!? Cruising from Kilimanjaro to Elbrus in Russia…where is the end?

Recently, I have read “The Road” for the third time. It’s a book written by famous Slovenian alpinist Nejc Zaplotnik who have said: “Who searches the goal will be empty when he reaches it, though who seeks the road will always carry the goal within himself”. Once I have started the adventure through the pits, rocks, peaks and expeditions I have never taught, not in my wildest dreams, it will become my way of life. Basically, my way of thinking; as soon as I wake up I plan how to sees the moment & spend the most of my day in the mountains. After seven years of outdoor sports numerous doors, of so far, unseen heights have opened, where the only end is the Mount Everest.

  1. You were an entrepreneur, had a steady life. And than it all changed. Was it a switch? Or was it a decision that gradually grew in you firing the passion for unknown and unexplored? Or is it the Richard Branson that you even resemble a bit?

I am still an entrepreneur, that’s my only financial resource for the expeditions, though I’d like to be only an alpinist. However, when I think about  it, maybe the magic of going to the mountains would be lost. It’s my escape. Though you know how they say…”if you love what you do, you will not have to work a single day in your life”. Richard Branson is my role model in the business sense, I love the way he moves the borders in human limits and capacities, such as Virgin Galactic project. Along with Elon Musk he is one of the most charismatic people in the World.alpinist-dubrovnik-odubrovnik-go-dubrovnik-croatia (1)

  1. Can you layout your milestones … it all started with Kilimanjaro & then ….? Where it will end ?

It all started with the African highest peak, Kilimanjaro 5895 meters. For sure it was the experience of the lifetime. After the four days, I have reached the top and it was amazing, but the way to the top was dramatic & it turned out to be a huge proficiency from which I have benefited for the future expeditions. Back then I didn’t know for the advantage of appropriate acclimatization, which is essential. It’s not about reaching the top but surviving. We used muscles rather than intelligence back then… hahahaha but hey, every lesson is a lesson learned. Anyhow Uhuru peak was reached and we came smarter to Argentina and Aconcagua, 6962 m.

alpinist-dubrovnik-odubrovnik-go-dubrovnik-croatia (5)It was perfect. The weather, the acclimatization and after 14 days we elegantly accomplished what we came for, in spite of -32 Celsius. Apart of practice & experience, there was a lot of time invested in the seminars and education. You have to learn the new techniques, improve the skills, practice, practice & practice and of course- the security. All that I have implemented turned out to be crucial for Elbrus, the highest peak of Europe, 5642 m. You have to have in mind that Kavkaz’s Elbrus holds unfortunate record in black statistics.  48 people ends up tragically on its tracks (per season). It is something you cannot space out while climbing. Luckily it all went well, after all my nickname is Lucky 🙂 and I came back home in one piece. Where is the end?! There is no end, it’s a road I took years ago, and there are only milestones and goals set for each task, fulfillment is rewarding….

  1. Is it possible that one day you will wake up & say it is enough?

It’s not. It’s the way of thinking, living, breathing for me. That wilderness, culture and countries became the part of who I am. Perhaps it’s acid, but I love every second of it. If you are sincere in it, there are no greater pleasures in life.

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  1. You have to be in great physical & mental condition for your expeditions. It’s a hard work, practice, gym, correct nutrients. How many hours per day you practice & what is the routine?

My other, “ground” life prevails me of training as much as I would want. Dynamic business life distracts me from my passion occasionally. However I am trying to manage it all. Honestly, I can always find time for what I love. Over the past few years vertical racing became very trendy as well as the tracking. I satisfy the need for my “little” victories there. That’s where I exploit energy for every day life. My weekly routine is practicing 3 days a week and if I’m getting ready for the expedition it’s every day plus running the mountains, controlled food intake, eight to nine hours of sleep and of course a lots of love.

  1. Seems like very disciplined life you run. How do you relax?

My oasis are gadgets, electric car and IT. I YouTube a lot! It’s a perfect static motion that doesn’t give me a sense that I am waiting my time.

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  1. Ideal date?

Ten years ago I might have said clubbing. Now, when I am 36 yrs old, I cherish the less tangible moments. Perhaps it is just having someone I care for next to me in the tent on -10. The passion is my driving force in everything & passion can never leave you cold.


  1. Dubrovnik is more than sun & beautiful sea, but you could actually prove this. Share some hidden gems with us. What there is around Dubrovnik hills when you go “into the wild”!

If you scratch below Dubrovnik, mountain Snježnica, there is still some snow there btw, Srđ, Konavle & villages, you will find even more stunning views, woods and mountain tracks that are breath taking. Snjžnica itself has numerous stories, a lots of history behind and its famous icicle. Did you know that, in the time of Dubrovnik Republic, exactly that icicle from Snježnica served as a giant ice machine for the Duke and Dubrovnik aristocracy. Imagine, a 16th ct Mojito’s ice source. Gosh, they knew how to enjoy ;p

  1. The IT picnic location near Dubrovnik.

42º35’08.55” N 18º19’43.30” E

Be adventurous I can’t serve it all :))

  1. Your advice for our readers ; active vacation guideline in Dubrovnik. What not to miss & “a must” to try.

Biking through Konavle Field, Southern side “Donja Banda” in Konavle, climbing above village Mihanić, hiking on the Srđ Hill where view is the most rewarding motivator, tracking on Island of Mljet, kayaking Island of Lopud, but perhaps the most interesting is the walk through the old Dubrovnik aqueduct behind village of Šumet, near Nuncijata through Rijeka Dubrovačka.alpinist-dubrovnik-odubrovnik-go-dubrovnik-croatia (2)