When the city crowds and the stresses of work get too much, you know it is time to treat yourself to a proper weekend getaway to take some rest. For us this weekend we choose the island of Mljet. If you decide to follow our example, you will not regret it!


The island is quite big so we decided to go by motorbike to make sure we would see as much of it as possible. We got off the ferry at Sobra, and from the first moment, we knew we didn’t want to leave the island. Ever. We took a ride around and, although there were a few people, all you can hear are birds and crickets. Peace and quiet, everywhere! Just what we needed… We headed for a small village called Okuklje to have lunch, but we had to stop on the road to take a photo of the amazing view of the bay below us. During the weekend we visited a few restaurants and in their varied menus, there was something for everyone – whether you are up for meat, fish, or something light such as salads or risotto.

Sobra 4

In the evening we went to Sutmiholjska beach, took a swim, and then moved on to the village of Goveđari in the Mljet National Park. In the National Park, we rented bicycles and took the tour to see the two salt lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero, and the Benedictine monastery on the island of Sv. Marija (Saint Mary). While driving through the island we understood why it is known as heaven on Earth: it is the most beautiful and most forested island with beautiful and generous local people who are happy to see new visitors on the island.

Sobra 1

Of course, we also visited Saplunara, Mljet’s famous (and only) sandy beach near the south-eastern end of the island. There we had coffee at the beach bar and greatly enjoyed the rest of our weekend.

What amazed us the most were beaches and bays of Mljet with spectacular views and crystal clear blue sea, ideal for diving or just for looking at to rest your eyes. And of course, peace and quiet everywhere. Believe us when we say Mljet has everything for perfect relaxation.

We had an amazing weekend there and we charged our batteries for the time ahead. One thing is sure: we are definitely coming back!

Sobra 3