Alanya Beaches for Your Holiday


Alanya is a resort city on the southern coast of Turkey, renowned for its beautiful beaches, the opportunity to bask in the sun, and swim in the sea. The Taurus Mountains shield the coastline from chilly northern winds, making Alanya the warmest resort in Turkey. The city boasts well-organised infrastructure for tourists, reasonable property prices, and sandy beaches. If you wish to explore the diverse beaches of Alanya, each with its unique features, we highly recommend visiting this city.

Cleopatra Beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Alanya. It is said that the beach captivated Cleopatra herself. However, she was quite annoyed by the fine sand that stuck to her feet incessantly. In response, her Roman Emperor lover, Mark Antony, ordered the transportation of coarse sand from the Nile River valley to this location. After examining the sand, scientists concluded that its structure indeed resembled that of Nile Valley sand.

After all these years, people still desire to be part of this history by seeing the beach with their own eyes. Today, Cleopatra Beach is known for its caves and the Alanya Fortress situated atop the cape. The beach has been repeatedly awarded the “Blue Flag” for its clean water, sand, and developed infrastructure. There are numerous cafes and bars here, where you can have a snack or enjoy a refreshing drink. The water warms up quickly, and the swimming season extends from May to November. Admission is free. Cleopatra Beach is even safeguarded by lifeguards, making it a safe place for swimming.

Damlatas Beach is located near the eponymous cave in the heart of Alanya. This is where Cleopatra Beach meets the cliff. The sand on the shore is coarse, ensuring that the water remains clear and undisturbed. On both sides of the beach, there are cliffs, and above the beach is the famous Alanya Fortress, creating a unique atmosphere. The beach stretches for 250 metres and has an area of about 100 metres, ensuring that everyone finds a spot for relaxation.

The swimming season starts in late spring when the water temperature reaches +23°C. Entry to Damlatas Beach is also free. The place is guarded by lifeguards and equipped with everything needed for relaxation: sun loungers, pergolas, cafes, and restaurants, as well as toilets and showers. There is a volleyball court on the beach, and you can ride a banana boat, catamaran, or try your hand at windsurfing.

Incekum Beach is located 23 kilometres east of Alanya. The easiest way to reach it is by car. Car rental in Alanya is a popular service. Incekum Beach translates from Turkish as “fine sand,” and indeed, along the 2-kilometre stretch of the coast, there is golden sand that attracts families with children. The location of the beach between cliffs creates a calm atmosphere without tumultuous waves. Incekum offers numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as sports courts for volleyball and other beach games. There are even two supermarkets nearby. The swimming season starts at the end of May when the water temperature reaches +24°C.

Keykubat Beach is one of the largest beaches in Alanya, stretching for 3 kilometres. If you arrive by your own car or a rental car, there are parking spaces along the coastline near the road. Keykubat Beach is clean, despite the grey-brown sand. There are few trees here, so those who seek shade may need to rent an umbrella. Mountains nearby create a unique atmosphere and provide opportunities for spectacular photos. Considering that Keykubat is within the city limits, it offers all the necessary infrastructure: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, equipment rental for active recreation enthusiasts, cafes, fast food, grocery stores, and supermarkets. If you get tired of simply sunbathing on the sand and taking photos, you can add some active leisure to your day. Here, you can ride a jet ski, go on a banana boat, rent water skis, take to the air with a special parachute, or ride the waves with windsurfing.

Mahmutlar Beach features a flat and long coastline, almost uniform from start to finish. It is located 12 kilometres from Alanya. The beach is covered with pebbles, and at the water’s edge, there are rocky slabs. This beach is not suitable for children due to its rapidly increasing depth just a metre from the shore. The beach services in Mahmutlar, along with numerous restaurants and cafes, make it one of the most popular beaches in the region. The season here lasts from mid-May to mid-November. There are places on the beach where you can sunbathe on your towel for free. Additionally, there are sports facilities where you can work on your body shape in the evening after a hot day in the sun. The municipality ensures the cleanliness of the beach and has installed lifeguard towers along the entire coastline.

Konakli Beach stretches for 10 kilometres along the coast. It features fine and medium-sized pebbles and clear water. Hotels are close to the beach, while the road is distant, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The water deepens quickly, making it unsafe for children. At the beach, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas and enjoy various water sports activities, such as a gyrocopter, paragliding, and catamaran rides. Often, adjacent hotels provide sunbeds on the beach, but they are free only for their guests. The best times to visit Konakli are June, the second half of September, and the first two weeks of October when the weather is sunny and the sea is warm but not excessively hot.

Kargicak Beach is located 15 kilometres from Alanya. It stretches for 3 kilometres along the coastline, characterised by a sandy-pebble covering. Families with children often visit this beach due to its gradual depth. This beach is renowned for its beautiful natural surroundings and secluded spots where you can enjoy tranquillity. Here, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, and the beach offers changing rooms and showers. Every tourist has the opportunity to engage in various water sports. On the right side of Kargicak Beach, towards Mahmutlar, there are rocky slabs near the shore, but it is still possible to swim here. If you tire of beach relaxation, you can take a stroll along the promenade, which runs along the beach.

Alanya is a place where you can find beaches to suit every taste, from popular and lively to secluded and peaceful. It is the most budget-friendly resort in Turkey, attracting travellers from all over the world. Last-minute trips to Alanya are available starting from €270 for 5-7 nights. Alternatively, you can independently choose your desired beach to visit and simply relax.

Как успеть посетить все пляжи в Алании

  • Plan Ahead

This is the first and most crucial piece of advice. As you may have understood, Alanya boasts numerous beaches, and to manage visiting them all, it is essential to create a list in advance. Make a list of all the beaches that pique your interest. Arrange them in order of priority. You can choose beaches based on their popularity, specific types of terrain, or the activities they offer. Create a schedule for yourself to visit these beaches. However, keep in mind that plans can change for any reason, so be prepared for that.

  • Rent a Car

If you have never used this service before, we recommend considering the option of renting a car. This way, you can maximise your time efficiency and visit all the beaches in Alanya. Imagine that you are planning your own route, heading to the beach whenever you like, taking all the necessary items with you, and having the flexibility to drive between beaches and grab a meal in the heart of the city. Cars in Alanya can be rented on the website of LocalCarRents. Why choose this service? It is a convenient platform offering a wide range of cars, along with mandatory insurance. This mode of transportation between beaches will significantly help your budget.

  • Start with Beaches Farther from the City Centre

If you want to visit all the beaches in Alanya and avoid crowds of tourists, start with those located farther from the city centre. For example, consider Kargicak Beach. Additionally, cafe prices at more remote beaches tend to be slightly lower than those in the city centre, allowing you to save on your budget. If you have rented a car, you can easily reach the farthest corners of the city, take photos, and explore places that not many people know about. 

  • Consider the Operating Hours of Beach Establishments

When planning your trip to Alanya’s beaches, do not forget about the operating hours of beach establishments. Some beaches may be closed on specific days of the week or be privately owned, so it is essential to confirm this information in advance. It all depends on the season and the flow of tourists. If you plan to visit from June to September during the tourist season, be prepared for beach establishments to remain open until late at night. However, it is crucial to note that the operating hours can vary even among neighbouring cafes.

  • Enjoy Each Beach

Lastly, but most importantly, enjoy each beach. Remember that the purpose of your trip is to have a quality time, not a race to visit as many as possible. Each of the beaches is unique and has its special charm. To fully appreciate it, take your time and soak in the atmosphere. Sunbathe on the sand, jump off the pier, or take stunning photos on the beach tiles. do not rush too much; otherwise, you might lose the positive vibes of your trip to Alanya.

Visiting all the beaches in Alanya is possible with proper preparation. Create a list of beaches, plan your route, and rent a car. Take it easy, enjoy each beach, and feel the beauty of Alanya. Keep an eye on the operating hours of beach establishments, savour the local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere and comfort level. The most important thing is to relish your time on the beaches of Alanya.