H! Are you enjoying your holidays and enjoying all that the summer has to offer? The sea, the sun and most of all…the overall feeling of enjoyment?

Do you ever feel like wearing make up in the summer is just too much? The thought of spending more than a few seconds in the bathroom is somehow a  bit too  overwhelming? Dont worry, we got you covered. Instead of stressing about looking made up,this summer why dont you enjoy a look that will keep your face fresh radiant and protected instead?

Here is a quick make up tutorial with just a few steps  to keep your skin nurtured and safe. No clogged pores, no sun damage or aging effects. Just effortless beauty. Hope you enjoy, and see you soon!

article make up Anamarija Pistotnik glow
P.S, leave your likes and comments below, and of course….suggest what you would liek to see next. Maybe a skin care routine for the summer, some diy summer face mask recipes, a lip or body scrub….the sky is your limit!