Anantara (Taryan) Dragon Seseh Bali Resort: Unique Features and Benefits of Residence in Bali


Imbued with the essence of nature and the rich heritage of Balinese culture, the Taryan Dragon (Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort) is an extraordinary marvel boasting dragon-inspired architecture and luxurious Cocoon Residences nestled along the picturesque oceanfront of Bali. Just a leisurely 15-minute drive from the vibrant Canggu area and a mere 45-minute journey from the bustling Denpasar airport, this exceptional sanctuary offers an unparalleled escape to indulgence and serenity.

Dragon-Inspired Designs by British Architect

In a symbolic gesture, our ambitious project takes flight in 2024 embodying the majestic form of a dragon, coinciding with the auspicious Year of the Green Dragon. The visionary mastermind behind the dragon-inspired complex is none other than the renowned British architect, John Dawes, distinguished member of the known Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscape, rich cultural heritage, and mythical tales of Bali, John elegantly captures the essence of these mystical creatures that safeguard the island against malevolent forces.

In the opulent words of John Dawes, the renowned British architect responsible for the creation of Taryan Dragon (Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort), this magnificent structure was born out of pure inspiration drawn from the essence of Bali. It epitomizes the philosophy and spirit of this paradise, resembling a breathtaking piece of living sculpture.

Novel Cocoon Idea

The luxurious Taryan Dragon complex draws inspiration from the rich traditions of Balinese culture and the stunning beauty of nature. Thus, we have incorporated the symbol of a cocoon into the concept of our residences. We have carefully chosen the best natural materials to realize this idea, making sure that each element radiates luxury and sophistication. Every residence in the Anantara Dragon Seseh Bali Resort features a lavish private bath, as well as the option of a jacuzzi or a pool for an indulgent and relaxing experience.

There’s a full ecosystem for an exceptional stay:

  • Offering SPA & state-of-the-art Fitness Centre. It caters to your physical and mental well-being, providing a convenient and comprehensive strategy for reaching your wellness objectives.
  • Totaling to 216 rooms, suites, and sky villas. The residence offers various room sizes and amenities to accommodate different requirements and financial constraints. A higher number of occupants fosters a vibrant sense of togetherness, facilitating social interactions and neighborly connections. Spacious residences can support the provision of additional amenities such as dining establishments, retail outlets, or entertainment venues within the premises.
  • Comprising two restaurants and a bar. Eliminate the need for traveling or restaurant hunting. Indulge in a fast meal, an intimate dinner, or a relaxed get-together with friends – all within the convenience of your own suit or room. The bar transforms into a go-to spot for residents to mingle, relax, and savor cocktails or beverages.
  • Featuring three swimming pools and a beach lounge. Three pools are available to meet different needs: a lap pool for exercising, a larger pool for relaxing and socializing, and a children’s pool for enjoyment. Some pools are heated to provide warmth on cooler evenings, while others offer a refreshing escape from the hot Bali weather.
  • Providing conferencing and coworking spaces. Conference rooms and shared workspaces provide a professional ambiance that promotes productivity. Seamless access to high-speed internet, printing services, and presentation tools enhances efficiency in the workplace.

The complex will boast a luxurious five-star service offering unrivaled concierge assistance, exquisite room service, meticulous daily cleaning, and a plethora of additional fascilities to indulge in! Offering a SPA, fitness center, 216 rooms, suites, and sky villas, this residence focuses on physical and mental well-being. It caters to various needs and budgets, fostering a sense of uniting through social interactions.