Millions of Europeans love sport, and that includes many people in Croatia. From cheering on national teams to those in domestic leagues and European competitions, fans love seeing their team does well.

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Those in Croatia will remember the good days brought by the Croatian national football team at the 2018 World Cup. These events bring a nation together, and even those who don’t like sport can see the feel-good factor it brings to cities and towns around the country. To further enhance their enjoyment of sporting events, some people place a bet on the outcome of the game. These are varied and you can place bets on many things, not just the outcome of the game.

Betting continues to grow in Europe, with more players than ever before turning to place bets on the events, they are watching as fans.

Why is Betting So Popular?

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Many people enjoy betting, and one of the many reasons for this is because of the additional excitement it brings. If you are watching a game, cheering your team on to win and you also have wagered on them to win that gives you the chance to win money, things are going to be very exciting in the closing stages.

There is a range of bookmakers available for players who want to bet, and on their platforms, you will find a brilliant level of coverage, with sports, leagues, and competitions from all over the world.

30 free spins no deposit, into an account, meaning you get the chance to explore their service and place a handful of free bets to judge whether the bookmaker is right for you. With these kinds of offers available for sports fans to use, joining in the fun as a new player has never been as good. The Convenience of Betting One of the many factors that have led betting to being so popular is the convenience of it.

Gone are the days when you had to find a local betting office to place bets in. Mobile betting apps have given players the chance to place bets from their mobile, and pretty much everyone always has their mobile phone with them. Whether you are sitting on your sofa at home or out exploring things to do in Dubrovnik, you can place a bet if you want to.

With sporting events taking place across many different days, with different start times, having this flexibility is key for the betting industry to be a success. They have provided mobile betting apps and players are reaping the rewards of being able to bet while away from home and even on holiday.

The Relationship Between Sports and Betting

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The relationship between sports and betting is very strong. One of the reasons for this is because both need each other for help. The betting industry, of course, needs a sport, without sport we would have no bookmakers as there would be very little to bet on.

However, there is a need for bookmakers in the sport too, much of this is down to finances. With bookmakers looking to attract sports fans, one of their most productive advertising methods is to advertise with clubs. This puts their name in front of fans, but from the club’s point of view,  bookmakers offer vital sponsorship revenue. There have been many bookmakers who have signed big-money deals to sponsor clubs and competitions around the world.

Yes, bookmakers need sport to survive, but they are prepared to give some money back and make this a two-way relationship.