Can I Sell Back My Vidanta Timeshare?

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Vidanta is a collection of luxurious resorts in Mexico with beautiful landscapes, ocean views, the latest amenities, comfortable accommodations, and the best service. Vidanta Timeshare is the best destination to plan a vacation with a perfect atmosphere, great music for entertainment, and a variety of performances. Every person dreams to enjoy their vacation in Vidanta. Individuals purchase Vidanta Timeshare assuming they will enjoy their vacation at an affordable price. However, when they purchase Vidanta timeshare they need to pay an annual membership fee. In case you missed the membership fees or default on timeshare, you will start receiving calls from the collection team. It is not easy to keep up with the Vidanta Timeshare Payments. Vidanta maintenance fees are very high and increasing every year due to which your inner peace will vanish and you may start asking yourself “How to get rid of Vidanta timeshare?

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Many people purchase timeshares assuming it will be a good investment that will benefit them in the future. As soon as you purchase it loses its value. In case if you have repaid the Vidanta timeshare mortgage, you might think of reselling your timeshare to get out of it. Vidanta Timeshare is notorious so it is difficult to get rid of through resale or you can’t even give it to charity. So selling your timeshare is not possible. In case if you plan to give on rent you need to make sure they pay the maintenance fees on time or you are liable to pay the maintenance fees. 


The most important question in the mind of a Vidanta timeshare owner is “Will Vidanta buy back my timeshare?” You can look at the papers for reference if there is any method for dropping the contract. You can contact the customer care representative, their client assistance is really good, till the time a Vidanta owner doesn’t request to drop the timeshare. When you communicate with them they will not address you, rather will make you run from one division then onto the next and will make things exceptionally complicated for you. 


If you have purchased the Vidanta timeshare just a few weeks back then you might be able to return the timeshare to Vidanta without paying an extra amount. No questions will be asked according to the timeshare rescission laws. Using the US State recession law you can cancel your Vidanta timeshare contract however this differs from state to state. You can cancel the contract within 3 to 14 days of your purchase. You need to check the document whether the recession information is included or not. According to the state rescission law, you can cancel the Vidanta timeshare contract and you will receive a full refund whatever is your reason for canceling the contract. Every US State has a timeshare rescission period which allows timeshare owners to discharge their possession back to the timeshare without any limitations, but this is for a limited time. In Mexico most recession periods last for 3 to 5 days, so you need to speed up and make a quick decision. You need to submit a written letter with the reason for the cancellation of the contract. Make sure you check the rescission law where the resort is built and not where you are residing. Also, you can take expert help as you don’t have any time to waste. Even if you plan to sell it to someone else it is very rare to earn profit. It is advisable to take advantage of the rescission law to get rid of the timeshare contract.


In case if you missed the rescission period and are unable to sell your timeshare you can offer it back to the resort. If you pay regularly and if you are in their good books, the resort may take the timeshare back from you. However, they have not committed to taking it back hence you need to negotiate with the resort to get a good deal. Many Timeshare companies have a repurchase program, however, this is very rare as it is not profitable for their business. If the salesperson has promised you regarding the repurchase program during the purchase it can again be a lie.


The recession period is the best time when you can reclaim your purchasing choice and get rid of the timeshare contract. Also, go through your timeshare contract to check if there is any other option to get out of it. If you stop paying the maintenance charges they will take action against you and take the property from you which will again harm your credit score. One wrong step will ruin your financial life. Don’t ever get impressed looking at the amenities and comforts. The best option is to revoke the contract or lookout for a legal advisor who is expert and well versed in handling the Vidanta timeshare contract cancellation procedure.