Coffee On The Go: How To Travel With Your Coffee

traveling with coffee

In this caffeine-centric world, it’s no wonder that many people like to take their coffee with them on the go. However, traveling with coffee can be tricky if you don’t do it correctly. This article will discuss some tips for traveling with coffee so that you can enjoy a delicious cup wherever you go!

Use A Thermal Bottle

Having a high-quality thermal bottle on you wherever you go will make sure your coffee stays warm and fresh. Get a good-sized insulated mug and pour your preferred coffee into it before you leave. This will make sure you’re never stuck drinking bad coffee while on the go.

travel with coffee

If you want to get really fancy, there are a few other things you can do to make sure your coffee is perfect every time. grind your beans right before using them, and only make as much coffee as you need for each individual cup. This way, your coffee will always be fresh and delicious.

Make It Stronger 

It’s better to have short, but strong and quick energy boosts while traveling, so making your coffee stronger is a great way to do this. While at home you may want to take your time and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, on the go you’ll want to get your caffeine fix as quickly as possible. Making it stronger will help you do this. 

There are a few ways to make your coffee stronger. One way is to use less water when making it. This will make the coffee more concentrated and therefore stronger. Another way is to add more coffee grounds than usual when making a pot or cup. If you’re using pre-ground beans, try a coarser grind setting on your grinder. 

Use An Aeropress

An Aeropress coffee maker is light and can be brought along wherever you go. To make coffee with it, follow these steps:

  • Fill the chamber with hot water and place the filter in the cap.
  • Put your coffee grounds in the chamber and screw on the cap.
  • Turn it upside down and place it on top of your mug.
  • Slowly press down on the plunger to brew your coffee.

With Aeropress, you can make delicious coffee no matter where you are. So next time you’re traveling, don’t forget to pack your Aeropress! 

Get Pour-overs

Pour-over coffee is a great way to travel with coffee. All you need is hot water and a filter, and you can make a delicious cup of coffee anywhere.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making pour-over coffee. First, grind your beans fresh before each cup. This will ensure that your coffee is flavorful and evenly extracted. Second, use the right ratio of coffee to water. A good rule of thumb is to use about 16 grams of coffee for every 240ml (about eight ounces) of water.

It’s healthy for you to have coffee wherever you go, so having an easy method to make it ensures you always do!

travel with coffee

Having coffee on the go is essential when traveling, and a thermal mug will help you tremendously by keeping it fresh. Try making a stronger coffee while at home or bring an Aeropress with you to the road. Finally, you could also use pour-overs as they’re the easiest brews you can make. Enjoy your coffee!