A woodwork artist and a former rock star founded Etsy in their Brooklyn apartment in 2005. The concept was to create an artist-controlled online marketplace for handmade goods and art supplies. The business was profitable by 2009, which is light-speed success for a tech company. Today, more than 40 million global users buy, sell, and browse handmade items in more than a million Etsy shops. A staff of 500 manages the online marketplace from New York, San Francisco, Dublin, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, and London. The sophisticated technology platform connects Etsy sellers and buyers across borders, languages and devices. Etsy is now the largest certified socially-responsible company, or B Corporation, to go public in the U.S. And Wall Street seems to love crafts. The company is now worth $3.3 billion!!!

Well, recently I got a chance to talk with Amélie, one of the Etsy Merchandising- specialists who just visited Dubrovnik. Funny thing is that I spotted her on Instagram by chance. Since I love Etsy (I admit, I’m obsessed and each month I spend half of my salary there)  I was pretty darn excited about this conversation!  I mean, the girl has a dream job! But enough with the long intro. Amélie will tell you more about her creative job and her visit to Dubrovnik. 

Amelie Nello

Can you tell us more about your relationship with Etsy?

I’ve been working at Etsy for the past 6 years in our Paris office. I’m a Merchandising Specialist and I more specifically work on our international markets, outside of the US. My role is to feature sellers and products so buyers can discover and buy their beautiful items. Etsy is my dream company, I’ve never had a job where I was more in line with the values and mission.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Not to buy all the beautiful products I feature maybe?! ? To be honest there’s not much I find challenging. Etsy has always encourage its employees to explore, learn and adapt which allows us to do our job in a very comfortable way.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Oh in so many different things it would be too long to list! But my travels are a big source of inspiration, as well as photography and art. And simple things like observing life and people around me. I don’t take enough time to do so in my everyday life so when I’m traveling I try to step back and just watch the world around me.

lokrum dubrovnik amelie nello
You travel a lot. What are some of your favorite places and why?

In Europe I’ve felt in love with the Amalfi cost in Italy while being on the Amalfi tour from Rome. It was definitely one of my favorite trip in the last few years. My 10 days road trip in Scotland 2 years ago was also breathtaking. And discovering Montenegro and Dubrovnik definitely was the highlight of 2016 so far! It made me want to travel to the rest of Croatia and Balcans. Flying in an helicopter above the Grand Canyon and visiting Machu Picchu (and really everything I saw in Peru!) are probably two of my most amazing trip memories.

amelie nello  dubrovnik amelie nello etsy

How did you like Dubrovnik and Montenegro? What impressed you the most?

I LOVED it! We stayed 7 days in Montenegro and 3 in Dubrovnik. Montenegro’s natural landscapes are just incredible! The variety and the beauty is so impressive for such a small country. I feel like we’ve only seen so few of it. It was also so calm and not swamped with tourists, I loved that. They’re not so much places as beautiful as Montenegro left in the world that tourists haven’t invaded ? Dubrovnik is really magnificent. Walking the city walls is a must see, as well as visiting Fort Lovrijenac (great views and not as crowded) and getting lost in the small streets of the old town. But I have to say that the day we spent in Lokrum island, away from the crowds, just enjoying the sound of the sea and the birds while laying in the sun was my favorite moment of this whole trip! amelie nello dubrovnik city walls

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